All you need to know about Hai Phong City

Hai Phong is a vibrant industrial hub and business travel centre, located to the north of Vietnam. It overlooks the Cấm River and lies roughly 74 miles north of Hanoi. As the third biggest city in Vietnam offers no shortage of quality serviced accommodation.  Serviced apartments in Hai Phong offer a great alternative to hotel accommodation, with more space, flexibility, and privacy as well as great facilities.

Hai Phong is twinned with the following towns and cities: Da Nang (Vietnam), Incheon (South Korea), Seattle (USA), Tianjin (China), Saint Petersburg (Russia), Vladivostok (Russia) and Kitakyushu (Japan). The city has a humid subtropical climate, characterised by humid summers and dry winters, and shares a border with the provinces Hải Dương and Thái Bình. Hai Phong boasts a diverse range of industries which range from technology to trade. SilverDoor serviced apartments offer business travellers to the area close proximity to these companies making work within easy reach.  

Hai Phong was founded in 1887 as a seaport province under French colonial rule. In 1888, it was updated to a city by the President of the French Third Republic, Sadi Carnot, who widely promoted its newfound status. Between 1954 and 1975, Hai Phong served as a key maritime hub and direct-controlled municipality, home to various industrial plants. Those industrial plants served as a magnet for business travellers who arrived in the city on work purposes. The city suffered heavily during the Vietnam War, but, since then, has gone on to become a prominent trading gateway and modern, industrial city.

Hai Phong’s major attractions range from temples to parks which are close by to serviced apartments and accommodation. Sites worth seeing are Pelican Cave, Hai Phong Opera House, and Du Hang Pagoda. Other points of interest worth squeezing during your business travel assignment include Do Son Beach, Ga Market and the Hai Phong Museum. For great views, head to Thien Van Mountain, and, for ancient ruins, check out Hang Kenh Communal House. Take time from your busy work schedule to explore the fascinating history and sites of Hai Phong.

Hai Phong is situated at the junction of two major highways: Route 5 and Route 10. Route 5 runs all the way to Hanoi, whilst Route 10 connects to Nam Định and joins the National Route 1A. Hai Phong is also linked by Highway 356 which runs through the city centre and along the coastline. Hai Phong Railway Station is the city’s train station and offers daily services to Hanoi and back. The city is also home to various long-distance bus depots. Public transport links are situated throughout the city and serviced apartments provide close proximity to many connections to suburbs and surrounding areas.

Enjoy all the luxuries of business travel in Hai Phong with a stay in a SilverDoor serviced apartment. 

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