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All you need to know about Russia

The Russian national flag and the city of Moscow
Country Facts - Russia

Russia is officially known as the Russian Federation and is located in northern Eurasia. It's the world’s largest country and shares a border with Norway, Finland and Poland. It's also known to be one of the five states that have nuclear weapons. Russia has a high income, market, economy that is the world’s 8th largest economy.

Russia’s GDP was estimated at $2,118 trillion in 2013, with most of its economic power coming from their natural resources, oil and gas, which contribute an average of 80% towards their exports. Russia is also the 3rd largest producer of electricity and 5th largest renewable energy producer. In 1998 they struggled to keep their financial service sector from collapsing after a crisis in the Asian financial market, as they failed to pay foreign debts worth millions of pounds. However, in 2001 they recovered from this thanks to a rise in oil prices. Now, within the last few years, Moscow has the highest number of billionaires in any city in the world (2011) and the middle class makes up 104 million people within the country.

Russia has been named one of the top tourist destinations in the world because of its rich cultural heritage. In 2012 25.7 million international tourists visited Russia contributing around RUB860 billion. The most popular destinations in Russia are St Petersburg and Moscow. There are many museums, theatres, churches, squares and parks throughout the country allowing tourists to explore their culture.

Serviced apartments are very popular within the capital, Moscow, and with an extensive transport network consisting of roads, railways and airways; it is easy to travel around the country for business. There are many different types of serviced apartments, which feature a range of facilities, catering towards each individual business trip.   

Key Facts
Capital: Moscow 
Population: 143 million
Currency: Russian Ruble (RUB)
Language: Russian
Dominant religion: Russian Orthodoxy
Time zone: (UTC +2 to +12)
Main export: Petroleum, Petroleum products, Natural gas
Internet domain: .ru
International dial code: +7

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