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All you need to know about Colombia

Colombia's capital city, Bogotá and flag
Country Facts - Colombia

Colombia is a country on the North West coast of South America. To the north it is bordered by Panama, to the east by Venezuela and Brazil, and bordered at the south by Ecuador and Peru. Colombia contains part of the Amazon Rainforest, and is a popular destination for tourists. Colombia has made over $2 billion from international tourism in 2013. Popular destinations for tourists generally include the Cali’s Fair, the Barranquilla’s Carnival, the Bogota Summer Festival, the Ibero-American Theatre Festival and the Flower Festival.

Colombia has the third biggest economy in the whole of South America, and is built upon natural resources. Its main exports include fuels, precious stones, coffee and forest products. Another big part of the economy is tourism, rising averagely 11% each year. Last year Colombia received over 3 million foreign visitors, according to official statistics. The economy has experienced massive growth over the past three years, and the serviced apartment industry has adjusted accordingly.

Many Spanish-speaking countries have their headquarters in Colombia, as it is financially more stable than many other South American countries. As a result there is some demand for serviced accommodation, especially in the capital, Bogota. The serviced apartments in Bogota are perfect for corporate travellers and provide an ideal, long term accommodation option.

Key Facts
Capital: Bogota
Population: 47 million
Currency: Peso (COP)
Language: Castillian
Dominant religion: Roman Catholic
Time zone: (UTC -5)
Main exports: Petrol, coffee, coal
Internet domain: .co
Dial code: +57

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