All you need to know about Bogota

Bogotá city has been on a journey of development for a number of years and has seen economic improvement year on year having never experienced a decline in GDP, leading the city to become one of the major industrial centers in Latin America. The position of the city makes it valuable in the importation of goods and has provided the city with much of its raw materials as well as a stable economy.

Bogotá combines the modern high rise landscape with traditional sites including plazas and churches. La Candelaria holds many of the tourist destinations in Bogotá, including the Colonial Art Museum. Bogotá maintains a relatively stable temperature throughout the year, normally between 18-20 degrees, make for a pleasant trip for both leisure and business travelers. The city offers a multitude of activities to take part, including enjoying the unique cuisine and the famous Rock Festival

The quickest means of transport through Bogotá is either by taxi or bus. Bogotá operates a fleet of yellow cabs which are inexpensive and frequently available to wave down on the street. Busses are also largely waved down as opposed to stopping at bus stops. El Dorado International Airport is the major airport and caters for much of Latin America, leading to a recent expansion.
Birds eye view of the city of Bogota

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