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The largest city in Oregon, Portland is a major port with unique trade routes across the United States. Located within reach of other major destinations such as Seattle and Vancouver, Portland is a centre for business travel and its development in the past few years has seen a rise in corporations moving to the area. The city offers great business opportunities, and to support the rapid growth of business to the area, the city has seen the popularity of corporate housing increase. Serviced apartments and corporate housing in Portland offer a unique accommodation option, with the inclusion of living rooms, dining areas, and kitchens as well as comfortable bedrooms.

Portland was originally established during the 1800s when Portland’s location at the confluence of Willamette and Columbia River made it a significant trade position. In the beginning, development of the city gained it the reputation of being a port town, with many sailors passing through. Soon the city became dominant in the lumber industry due to its forest surroundings.

During the 20th century, the population of Portland tripled and the technology industries began to emerge. The creation of Intel in the area brought with it more and more people seeking business opportunities. Although trade is still a big part of the economy, Portland has also become a hub for sports shoe manufacturers and is home to the headquarters of Nike, Adidas, and Dr Martens to name a few. Corporate housing and serviced apartments in Portland offer close proximity to businesses and transport links for easy access across the city, making your business travel as easy as possible.

Whilst staying in Portland on a business trip there is always time to visit the wonderful sites of the city. Guests can visit Oregon Zoo, stunning rose gardens, and museums during their time in the city. Portland offers corporate housing close to these attractions making it easily accessible for those relocating or on business travel. Transport links in the city connect the inner suburbs as well as cities such as Seattle, Salem, and Eugene.

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