All you need to know about Vancouver

The beautiful seaport of Vancouver is a city in Canada well known for its gorgeous scenery and rocky exterior. These varying terrains have resulted in the city frequently ranking highly as one of the world’s most liveable cities, as it boasts amazing coastlines and fantastic mountains, which offer hiking trails and snow sports. Vancouver is recognised as one of the top meeting and business convention destinations in the world. Recently expanding into high-tech industries such as video game design, there is no wonder why the location attracts many corporate travellers each year. If you are travelling to the ‘Hollywood North’ on business, the serviced apartments Vancouver has to offer are a fantastic choice for ensuring you have all you need on your trip away.

Why choose a SilverDoor Vancouver apartment?

Our serviced corporate apartments in Vancouver are second to none and offer the perfect space for you to call your own when travelling on business. We are confident in the product we offer, as all our Vancouver serviced apartments go through rigorous checks to ensure they are the best quality offering. Additionally, our staff are equipped with expert industry knowledge to ensure we can eliminate stress when sourcing your ideal Vancouver serviced apartment. Booking with SilverDoor unlocks an array of benefits to help in your search such as:

·         Around the clock availability. With five offices situated around the world, carefully placed to ensure they are in different time zones, we have staff available throughout the day for you to contact with any questions or worries you may have.

·         Trustworthy advice. We have twenty years of industry experience under our belt, which has enabled us to build our knowledge to efficiently help with any requests and queries you need the answer to. In fact, we are so committed to giving honest recommendations that we stay in many of the apartments we offer, ensuring quality and first-hand insights.

What is a serviced apartment?

Combining the luxuries and ease of hotel stays, with the added inclusion of space, privacy and flexibility, serviced apartments are the stand-out choice for business travellers enjoying both long and short term corporate trips away. When staying in one of our best serviced apartments in Vancouver, you will have access to the following benefits:

·         Stylish Interior. With many hotel rooms, they have to be furnished in duplication with the style that the hotel as a whole has chosen; each room is a carbon copy. Each of our serviced apartments are unique in the style and furnishings which their property owners have chosen, giving you the option to stay somewhere suited to your taste.

·         Fantastic value. As we have built up trusted relationships with our property partners, we have the facilities to negotiate rates to get you the best deals possible. Furthermore, as our Vancouver serviced apartments also have kitchen facilities, additional costs such as eating out are eliminated from your business trip.

·         A private space. Unlike hotel rooms which fit as much as they can into one room, our apartments provide a generously-sized private area. With facilities such as multiple bedrooms and a separate living and kitchen space, you have a multitude of space to carry out different activities.

What do I need to know about staying in Vancouver?


For ease when travelling around Vancouver, the TransLink system serves both travellers and residents with a connecting transport network, incorporating buses, the SkyTrain and the SeaBus. A refillable compass card is recommended which loads credit for easy and convenient travel. With destinations such as the ski resort of Whistler easily accessible by rail from the Pacific Central Station, there are fabulous opportunities to explore in the nearby locations.


With temperatures falling below freezing for 46 days of the year, it is critical to do your research before travelling to learn what climate you will be experiencing during your stay. Note that the city also has a reputation for wet weather, especially during winter months. Sunny temperatures are prominent in the summer months, especially July and August, with average temperatures reaching a warm 22 degrees.


The city of Vancouver is incredibly diverse and the food offerings reflect this as different cultures are incorporated and influence many of the restaurants there. With cuisines available such as Peruvian, Japanese, Belgian and Middle Eastern, there is so much variety for everyone to enjoy. Additionally, many of these different cuisines incorporate their fellow cultures, creating new and vibrant flavours, unique to Vancouver.

What else is Vancouver known for?

Vancouver is a vibrant city with an abundance of activities and sights on offer. Therefore, we’ve narrowed down the list to some of the key things which you can’t miss when travelling on your business trip to Canada.

Sea to sky corridor

Rated as one of the most beautiful drives in the world, if you rent a car when visiting Vancouver this is a must. With stunning scenery along the way from the heart of downtown Vancouver to Whistler, waterfalls and mesmerising vistas are just some of the sights on offer when venturing on this 1.5 hour long journey.

China Town

Exploring the vastly diverse aspects of Vancouver is essential on your corporate trip to truly embrace the varying cultures available. China Town is home to a range of funky shops, unique markets and the most delicious Dim Sum restaurants around. When exploring China Town, make sure you visit the Chinese gardens, Dr. Sun Yat Sen, which is exquisite in construction and tranquil in surroundings.

Deep Cove

Interested in some water sports to clear your head from working life? Deep Cove is the perfect place to enjoy the water and take in the jaw-dropping surroundings of Vancouver; not to mention it’s the safest spot to kayak in Canada. We recommending paddling up and exploring the picturesque Indian Arm, you may even catch sight of some of the creatures living in the forests around you. 

A view of the city skyline and harbour in Vancouver

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