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Located to the southeast of Phoenix, Chandler is a business travel hub in Arizona. Located 35 kilometres away from Phoenix and an hour and a half from Tucson, this city is a great commuter hub as well as a popular destination for corporations. Corporate housing has seen an increase in America in recent years, and Chandler is no different with developments and growth in the city’s economy, Chandler is becoming home to more accommodation ventures which offer a home away from home for business travellers.

The first veterinary surgeon of Arizona first set up his practice in the area of Chandler in 1891. Dr. Alexander John Chandler set up studying irrigation engineering and by 1900 his plot of land in the area had grown. Dr. Chandler began to develop the town site of Chandler and by the early 1900s, the area had constructed Chandler High School, the town site office, a town centre, and the first golf resort in the state. Since then, Chandler has rapidly developed and is one of the fastest growing areas in the country with a population of 238,000 and growing.

The city is now a hub of business with Intel being the predominant employer in the city with Well Fargo and the School district close behind. The economy of Chandler is mainly focused around high-tech firms as well as the manufacturing and commercial industry. Corporate housing in the area provides great accommodation for those travelling to Chandler on business and those at the high-tech companies in the city.

Chandler offers a range of things to do, from an annual ostrich festival to community parks and casinos. Work trips don’t have to be predominantly about business, with corporate housing close to these attractions, you will always find something more to do in this city.

The Chandler Municipal Airport is located at the centre of Chandler with Phoenix Sky International Airport situated 30 kilometres away. Freeways interlink the city and make surrounding areas within easy reach.

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