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Top Cities in Arizona

All you need to know about Arizona

About Arizona

Arizona is a state in the Southwest of the United States and a part of the Four Corners region. Southern Arizona is recognised for its desert climate, with scorching summers and mild winters, whereas Northern Arizona has considerably cooler summers and heavy winter snowfalls. Because of migration into the area, the Copper State's population and economy have increased considerably since the 1950s. Arizona is a key state for business travel with many corporate travellers choosing to stay in serviced apartments and corporate accommodation in the top Arizona cities. Leisure travel is also popular and in 2021, tourists spent $23.6 billion in the state's famous cities such as Phoenix, Scottsdale, Flagstaff, Tucson, and Prescott.

Facts about the state of Arizona:

  • State capital:  Phoenix
  • State Population: 7.3 million
  • Time Zone: MST (UTC-7)
  • Key Industries: Aerospace, Electronics Manufacturing, Technology, Bioscience, and Healthcare.

Key cities in Arizona:

Arizona Skyline

Arizona Travel Guide: Planning Your Visit

There's undoubtedly a plethora places to see and things to do in Arizona while on business. The following are some of our favourite spots to visit when staying in an Arizona furnished apartment.

Things to do in Arizona

Grand Canyon – The Grand Canyon is certainly Arizona's most distinguishable landmark - a natural wonder you must see to believe. This impressive sight may be explored on a guided tour, by bike, on foot, or by horseback. For a more intimate and exhilarating trip, board a cutting-edge helicopter for the journey of your life, accompanied with breath-taking views. This three-day itinerary at Grand Canyon National Park's South Rim covers all the must-see spots and provides you the inside scoop on where to capture the sunset for a more in-depth visit.

Sunrise Park Resort – The Sunrise Park Resort is Arizona's ultimate mountain adventure, with the state's largest ski slopes and acreage. In the winter, they offer skiing, snowboarding, ski bikes, and snow tubing, as well as lessons for all ages. They have trails for all ages and skill levels, from beginner to expert. In the summer, there's zip-lining, downhill mountain biking, archery, disc golf, and other activities.

Chase Field – The Arizona Diamondbacks' Major League Baseball team calls Chase Field, which first opened in 1998, home. It has a prominent swimming pool and a retractable roof. Visit this air-conditioned location to watch the Arizona Diamondbacks play, relax in its famous pool, or take in any other events that might be playing at the time like Pink's Summer Carnival.

Transport in Arizona

With 114,000 square miles of canyons, deserts, and forests, Arizona is the country’s favourite Wild West wilderness. As one might imagine, this is a driving state, but with good train and bus connections, there are other options for getting around. So, here's what you should know about transport when staying in  serviced accommodation in Arizona.

Cars and motorcycles –   The best and cheapest method to explore the sites along Route 66 or explore the Arizona desert is to drive your own car along empty, open highways, and as an added bonus for drivers, gas costs are low compared to those in neighbouring states. In large urban areas, all major rental companies are available, so browse around before reserving a car; daily costs for renting a compact car (including taxes, fees, and unlimited mileage) range from $85 to $300. Renting a bike is also a fantastic way to discover new neighbourhoods and get a closer look at Arizona. It's also an ideal way to check out The Loop, a 131-mile network of multi-use paths that connects the metro region to green areas, entertainment venues, shopping, and more.

Buses and Light rail – If you don't want to drive yourself, the majority of Arizona's larger cities offer convenient public transportation networks. Long-distance bus services like FlixBus and Greyhound are the more affordable alternatives to driving between Arizona's major cities. However, in smaller cities or rural regions, sustainable public transportation is rarely prioritised, therefore bus lines might be limited, and services can be erratic. Buses in Phoenix's Valley Metro system also have connections to the city's light rail system. Make use of the train system to travel across Mesa, Tempe, and downtown and central Phoenix. Trains make frequent stops at well-known sights, and the 38 stations that make up the network are each cultural showpieces with $8 million worth of public artwork. Currently, all forms of public transit in Tucson are free; check before you arrive to confirm this offer is still in effect.

Airports – There are 58 airports that offer commercial flights in Arizona, and the top five are Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX), Tucson International Airport (TUS), Laughlin/Bullhead International Airport (IFP), Yuma International Airport (YUM), and Flagstaff Pulliam Airport (FLG). 

Things to know when visiting Arizona

Here are a few things to keep in mind when travelling to a serviced apartment in Arizona.

Climate – Prepare yourself for any type of weather before visiting Arizona. Whatever season you go, you can count on getting messy while taking in the scenery. Most of the year, the trails are either muddy, snowy, or somewhere in between, with the exception in the summer, when you'll probably end up covered in a layer of dust. The state's centre has the harshest dust storms, and even when there are no storms, dust is present everywhere. The copper state has monsoon season from June through September. Therefore, during the scorching summers, plan on being hot, sticky, and damp rather frequently. Additionally, it doesn't rain often, but when it does, flash floods may occur quickly.

Slangs and Phrases – Before visiting Arizona, you should become familiar with some of the local lingo. Let's start with "swamp box," the term used in Arizona in place of "Air conditioner/cooler." Arizonans refer to this iconic natural beauty, popularly known as the Grand Canyon, as "The Big Ditch." If a local recommends you take "The Ten" when you ask for directions while driving, they mean the Interstate 10, the southernmost cross-country road in the American Interstate Highway System. While the rest of the country refers to these cool summer treats as "snow cones" or "shaved ice," Arizonans prefer the Spanish name "raspados." 

Cacti of Arizona – Cacti, the plural form of cactus, are one of the unique features of the stunning Arizona landscape and can be found all across the state. Not only do the cacti contribute to the state's desert ecosystems, but they also play an important role in local cuisine. On menus all around the state, you'll see references to the cactus. Prickly pear, saguaro, cholla, and agave are the four most popular cacti used in cooking by restaurants and individuals alike. The only thing to bear in mind is that you must obtain a permission in order to harvest them as it is against the law to harm or remove a cactus in Arizona.

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    Arizona furnished apartments offer a comfortable base for business travelers. Serviced apartments with provide you more space, comfort, and privacy, when looking for extended stay accommodation. In order to suit any group size, a variety of apartment sizes are available, ranging from studios to three- or four-bedroom apartments. The typical corporate apartment will have separate bedrooms, a sitting space, a bathroom, a fully equipped kitchen, as well as regular housekeeping. There is a wide variety of Arizona corporate housing options available, with many offering a range of facilities including - personal balconies to swimming pools and conference spaces.

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    SilverDoor have been providing corporate accommodation and serviced apartments for over twenty years and are experts in their field. Not only that, but the exceptional customer care provided by our team makes the booking procedure quick and easy. Our dedicated Americas team can find the serviced apartments in Arizona that are best suited to your needs. Our service is totally unbiased as we don't own any properties, and due to our buying power, we are able to negotiate best terms and rates for you.

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