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When arranging a business trip to the charming and historic city of Aberdeen, selecting a serviced apartment to suit your accommodation requirements enhances your chances of success. Our serviced apartments in Aberdeen have been specially selected with business travellers in mind, providing the most convenient and comfortable home from home space for you to utilise during your stay. SilverDoor Apartments is the only specialist corporate accommodation agent you need consider when arranging a trip to Aberdeen, or any other destination in the world.  

Why choose a SilverDoor Aberdeen apartment?

As the most trusted serviced apartment agent, SilverDoor arranges corporate accommodation for thousands of clients across the globe, including some of the world’s leading and largest corporations. With 20 years of experience exclusively in providing apartments for corporate travellers, we are specialists with a dedicated team, and innovative, all in one technology, to guide you through the booking process, right to checkout and review. Some of the benefits we provide which sets us apart from the competition include:

·         An exemplary service. Our 4.9/5 rating on Trustpilot, and the hundreds of glowing reviews we have received, indicates the value we place on our clients and total customer satisfaction. With a specialist team trained in-house, and located in worldwide offices to enable 24 hour a day contact, we provide dedicated support, with specialist account handlers at the ready to find the best accommodation for you, as well as negotiate the best rates and make any additional arrangements you may require. As well as offering the personal touch, establishing long lasting business relationships, we also provide plenty of expert information to assist you on your journey. From blogs and city guides constantly being added to our site, as well as detailed colleague insights on many apartments available, we can fill in the knowledge gaps for you and also find the most appropriate serviced apartment in Aberdeen for you.  

·         A vast portfolio. We have worked hard to establish close relationships with the world’s leading property providers – and as such we have hundreds of thousands of apartments within our portfolio. Even if a client requires accommodation in a destination not currently I our books, we can work quickly with our partners to find solutions where others could not. Furthermore, our connections enable us to negotiate the best possible rates, and add multiple benefits unique to our clients.  

Are you ready to plan your business trip to Aberdeen? Simply contact us via our contact page, or call us directly, for a personalised service and quick turnaround. Alternatively, browse our recommendations and advice in our blog pages, or simply browse our collections of apartments for yourself.

View of Aberdeen's skyline from inside the city's docks


More and more, serviced apartments are growing in popularity with business travellers, rivalling that of hotels. This is simply because once the benefits of apartments are made clear, very few turn back. Offering a combination of the convenient services associated with hotel living, and the privacy and flexibility of a private rent home, serviced apartments are simply more comfortably than hotels, lending themselves to the demands of a busy stay in an unfamiliar (or familiar) location. The benefits of a serviced apartment in Aberdeen are clear:

·         A private and spacious living area. Whereas hotel rooms are typically restrictive and located in busy corridors, serviced apartments provide bountiful space and a quiet, corporate locale. Without the usual interruptions of a hotel, you are able to rest, work and sleep undisturbed. The designated areas an apartment offers also allows you to settle in, rather than cluster all of your belongings in one small space. The addition of a fully furnished kitchen means your days are entirely flexible, with no need to rush out to make serving times in the nearest restaurant (or, indeed, the hotel restaurant) – itself a cost saving addition.

·         Excellent value. In addition to the cost savings of having your own kitchen, serviced apartments go one step further by offering competitive rates that, like for like, undercut hotels. This amazing value is furthered when long-stay apartments are booked – as tax is cut on stays over 28 nights, and this saving is passed onto the customer. This makes serviced apartments particularly attractive for long-term relocation stays, where a client requires corporate housing for an extended period while awaiting permanent residence.

·         Luxury, convenient services. Although serviced apartments provide a spacious, home from home experience, they also offer the best of both worlds by providing a range of included services. Housekeeping is a standard feature, which can even be personalised to occur when you are out of your apartment to minimise disturbance. Other apartment complexes also offer a range of services (many free and some requiring additional payment), such as gymnasiums, swimming pools, concierge services, car parking and many more feature designed to make your stay easier.

What do I need to know about staying in Aberdeen?

When staying in Scotland’s beautiful port city, it is important to make the most of your stay by exploring the best the city has to offer. Read our top tips below to plan your free time in advance.


With the city itself boasting a population of nearly 200,000, Aberdeen has a suitably sized transportation service offering. In additional to having its own airport, servicing both national and international flights, Aberdeen train station offers regular connections to the major Scottish cities such as Glasgow and Edinburgh, as well as longer services to England’s capital and other destinations. FirstGroup runs multiple bus routes throughout the city, and the city is also connected to the UK National Cycle Network for those who like to test themselves on their bikes.


Aberdeen is famed for its use of Victorian architecture, giving it the name of the Granite City. Multiple impressive structures can be visited in the city, including Sheriff Court, the Salvation Army Citadel, and the many buildings on Union Street. The city also offers a staggering 45 parks and gardens, with Duthie Park and Seaton Park being favourites of many.


As one would expect of a Scottish city, Aberdeen is not renowned for its heat. The city experiences short cool summers, in which temperatures rarely surpass 70F. The winters are very cold and windy, and temperatures can drop as low as 26F.


Aberdeen has thought to have existed as one form of human settlement or other for at least 8,000 years – primarily due to its prime location for fishing and other resources. Over the course of its history, the city has seen many wars, having been ruled by the English and attacked by the forces of Robert the Bruce 1308. Aberdeen also plundered repeatedly in the seventeenth century during the War of the Three Kingdoms. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do serviced apartments in Aberdeen have a minimum stay?

    Not always. Some properties are available on a nightly basis. Please note that the minimum stay varies from property to property. Our expert team are here to help accommodate your needs during both the enquiry and reservation stage. A greater selection of serviced apartments may be available to you if you book for seven nights or more. So get in touch to book a serviced apartment that works for you.

  • What can I expect from a serviced apartment in Aberdeen?

    Our selection of serviced apartments in Aberdeen are located in a variety of areas, with access to fantastic amenities including housekeeping and fitness spaces, as well as fully-equipped kitchens and living areas, our guests can focus on their work or rest and unwind.

    Our accommodation combines the comfort and flexibility of a furnished apartment with the facilities and service standards of a hotel. Browse our exceptional corporate accommodation here.

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