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Our 20 years of experience in the industry, accompanied by our 4.9/5 Trustpilot score, offer a clear representation of our expertise and dedication in what we do. We are able to cater to our clients’ every need time and time again, and take the complicated side out of booking an Edinburgh serviced apartment for our clients.

Our offices around the world make certain that we are available 24 hours a day to take enquiries, as well as provide care for our clients in house and answer any questions that remain after the stay. Our international offices also ensure that we speak your language, with many of our employees able to speak a number of languages, ensuring that your enquiry gets the attention and understanding that it warrants. Our strong links with property partners also offers our clients increased flexibility in areas such as cancellation policies and negotiated staying rates.

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Edinburgh is a beautiful city. As such, the demand for serviced apartments, both in terms of business and leisure, is significant. Visitors can find plenty to do in the city, with stunning views, an Edinburgh Castle visit, and even a trip to the zoo all possibilities for business travellers enjoying downtime in the area. Check out our guide to 'Hidden gems in Edinburgh' here.

An Edinburgh serviced apartment opens up a whole host of leisure possibilities, including aged castles and staggering cathedrals which offer fantastic views if a leisurely stroll is on the agenda after a tough day of business. Bars and restaurants are also available in high volume throughout the city, offering all your favourite chain locations as well as a whole host of unique places to eat and drink.

A classic tag line of Edinburgh locals is ‘you can see all four seasons in one day’. This pays homage to the erratic weather patterns seen not only in Edinburgh, but Scotland as a whole. Be sure to pack raincoats, umbrellas, swimming shorts and sun cream to get the most out of your stay.

In terms of transport, cycling is made easy in the city through 75km of off street paths for cyclists and walkers alike. This of course does not include the road, where cyclists are also welcomed. Large scale bus routes cover the city and outskirts, providing easy travels for visitors, also covering a lot of the outskirts. Tram rides are also available in certain areas of the city, particularly handy when travelling from the airport, in addition to a multitude of taxi ranks. Edinburgh is well connected to other Scottish cities including Glasgow that is only a hour away by train.


Named by the Financial Times FDi Magazine as the ‘Best Large European City of the Future’, Edinburgh has the strongest economy in the United Kingdom outside of London. Business travellers in their hundreds visit Edinburgh every year, making the city a business capital for the UK and Europe alike.

With the largest portfolio in the industry, we are able to guarantee you the best serviced apartments in Edinburgh, in any given location of your personal choosing. Browse our website for availability, get in touch, and let us do the hard work in sourcing you the best prices and timing that fits into your schedule.


For business travellers, serviced apartments truly represent the full package. Typically more of a homely feel than a hotel, serviced corporate apartments in Edinburgh are ideal for a business stay as a result of the ability to cater to clients’ every need. Our extensive portfolio includes a huge amount of variety, with each property boasting different locations and amenities to make you feel more at home with personal touches. These amenities can range anywhere from a personal balcony to gyms and meeting rooms, with a wide selection of Edinburgh serviced apartments all able to offer different perks fit to your taste. Rooms are cleaned regularly, and guests are able to experience the space and freedom of a private accommodation whilst having all the services of a hotel.

Longer stays are commonplace in serviced apartments, with the homely feel of the apartment lifestyle making business travellers as comfortable as is possible when away from home, and the additional services provided only serve to improve your stay. Serviced apartments are almost always cheaper than hotels, particularly the longer you stay at a venue, as providers are often able bring the price down if a client is scheduled to spend a lot of time in the city.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is Edinburgh a great city to book a serviced apartment in?

    The Scottish capital is an ancient city that is rich in history, culture, and tradition. By staying in a serviced apartment, you can immerse yourself in the city’s attractions such as Edinburgh Castle, The Royal Mile, and the many galleries. To make your experience even more exciting you could also look to book a property in the heart of Edinburgh whilst the city hosts one of its many festivals. Convenience, privacy, and space are factors which are unique to corporate serviced accommodation meaning they are a great choice if you are looking to secure a stay in Edinburgh. Explore the cobbled streets, try Scottish cuisine, and get a more authentic experience when staying in a property that feels more like a home-away-from-home. For larger groups or longer stays serviced apartments can be extremely cost-effective especially in a more expensive city like Edinburgh. SilverDoor has a variety of serviced apartments in different locations across the city like Haymarket and the Old Town which means you can choose a property that is parallel with your ideal preferences and needs.  

  • What different types of serviced apartment are there in Edinburgh?

    Edinburgh is a frequently visited city so there is a vast range of properties to choose from when planning your trip to this wonderful city. You need to make sure that you enquire and read reviews as well as take into consideration your budget, the size of the group, and your specific requirements which at first can seem a daunting task if you are looking to book a serviced apartment. The city of Edinburgh is home to a vast range of different properties making the booking process increasingly stress-free. From studio and luxury serviced apartments to one, two, and three-bedroom apartments, the Scottish capital has it all. Hybrid Aparthotels, extended stay, pet-friendly, and budget friendly apartments are all on offer in Edinburgh. For example, Eden Locke located on 121 George Street is a luxurious property provided by Edyn around 16 minutes on foot to the train station. They offer a unique superb range of apartment types including open plan one bedroom, studio accessible, studio twin, and studio mezzanine apartments.    

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