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Nijmegen is a city and municipality in the Netherlands, part of the Dutch province, Gelderland. It overlooks the banks of the Waal River and shares a border with Germany. It has a population of over 170,000 and shares a common link with the following towns and sister cities: Gaziantep (Turkey), Pskov (Russia), Masaya (Nicaragua) and Oulu (Finland). It’s among one of the warmest cities in the Netherlands and boasts a semi-continental climate. Like many places in the Netherlands, Nijmegen is popular with business travellers, who benefit from a great variety of serviced apartments in the city. 

Nijmegen’s origins can be traced back to 1st century BC, with the construction of a Roman military camp on its grounds. Its location in the hills provided a perfect strategic base for the Romans who used Nijmegen as a lookout point across the Rhine and Waal valley. It was during this time that Nijmegen went by the Roman name Ulpia Noviomagus Batavorum. In the Middle Ages, Nijmegen joined the Hanseatic League and was updated to a city under Frederick II’s rule, as Holy Roman Emperor.

By the early 20th century, Nijmegen had begun to grow rapidly. A rail bridge was built on the river Waal, and, at the time was the biggest in Europe. Radboud University Nijmegen was also opened at this time, and, to this day, remains a key academic institution in the city. Improvements to the city's transport links have opened to the door a wealth of business accommodation options through the city. 

Today, Nijmegen is a bustling university city with a decidedly medieval feel, home to craft-coffee shops, museums, historic cafes and attractive serviced apartments. It has its trendy walking areas like Waalbrug and Lange Hezelstraat, along with great museums such as the Valkhof Museum and the Velorama museum. For nature, head to either Valkhof Park or Goffertpark. And, for nightlife, check out Café Jos. SilverDoor serviced apartments offer accommodation close to the stunning scenery, museums, and cafes, perfect for out of hours exploring whilst on a business trip.

Nijmegen has a total of five railway stations: Nijmegen, Nijmegen Lent, Goffert Nijmegen, Nijmegen Dukenburg and Nijmegen Heyendaal. The city is also served by various buses. Like most Dutch cities, Nijmegen is uber bike friendly and offers a number of cycle routes which link to neighbouring regions. The closest airport to airport to Nijmegen is Weeze Airport, at roughly 35 miles away. Serviced accommodation in Nijmegen situates guests close to transport links making ease of access to the suburbs of the city and the surrounding area.

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