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Vilnius is Lithuania’s capital city. It’s located to the southeast of Lithuania, between the Neris and Vilnia Rivers, and lies approximately 130 miles from the Baltic Sea.  With a population of over 574,000, it’s the largest city in Lithuania and the second biggest city in the Baltic States. An important corporate hub, it offers a variety of serviced apartments for business travel purposes. The main language spoken in Vilnius is Lithuanian the currency used is the Euro. Vilnius is twinned with roughly 30 towns and cities include Brussels, Budapest and Chicago. Officially a Gamma global city, it’s been named the European Capital of Culture and boasts some impressive architecture and numerous accommodation options.

The name Vilnius derives from the Vilnia River and has many variations throughout the world including Wilno (Belarusian), Viļņa (Russian) and Вільно (Ukrainian). The city was first mentioned in 1323 when it appeared in letters commissioned by the Grand Duke Gediminas. At the time of his ruling, Lithuania was a flourishing capital which, together with Belarus and western Ukraine formed the Grand duchy of Lithuania. In the 16th century, Vilnius underwent a period of expansion with the building of the Vilnius city walls to protect the city from outside threats. The period is also marked by the establishment of Alma Academia et Universitas Vilnensis Societatis Iesu (now Vilnius University), which has gone on to become a major cultural and science centre. Its numerous cultural institutions are accompanied by business travel opportunities and, in turn, great serviced accommodation.

Nowadays, Vilnius is a glittering tourist destination rich in baroque beauty. Its attractions range from stunning historic buildings to glorious green spaces. Serviced apartments in the area offer a great stay close to these attractions. Top sights include the Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania, Vilnius Cathedral and the Gediminas’ Tower. Other points of interest are Vilnius Old Town and Bernardine Gardens.

Vilnius is served by buses, trains and trolleybuses. It adjoins the A1 motorway which runs on to Kaunas and Klaipeda and is also linked by the A2 motorway. Its trolleybus network is regarded as one of the most comprehensive in Europe, and its main train station, Vilnius railway station, offers direct services to the cities MoscowSt Petersburg, Minsk and Kaliningrad. Vilnius airport is situated 3 miles from the city centre and offers both international and European flights.

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