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All you need to know about Lithuania

Lithuania Serviced Apartments
Country Facts - Lithuania

Lithuania is the southernmost Baltic state in Europe, a former Soviet bloc nation, Lithuania is known for its Gothic and baroque architecture, dramatic scenery, and medieval towns. Lithuania is bordered by Belarus, Latvia, Russia, and Poland, its location means that the country is a prime international trade route between these countries as well as Sweden and Denmark via water.

The country officially became the Kingdom of Lithuania in 1253, however, before this, the area was inhabited by Baltic tribe who harvested and hunted on the land. By the 14th Century the Grand Duchy of Lithuania was the largest country in Europe, over the centuries Lithuania has seen many wars fought, from the Great Northern War (1700 – 1721) to the occupation of the Soviets in the 1900s. On March 11, 1990, Lithuania was restored to an independent country, free from Soviet rule and became the first Soviet-occupied state to announce independence. Despite decline following the restitution of independence, Lithuania has restored its economic base and relationships with bordering countries and thus has developed as a thriving business hub.

Serviced apartments in Lithuania have become ever more popular with corporate travel to the country. Lithuania’s mixed and diverse economy is classified as high-income by the World Bank. Up until 2009 Lithuanian GDP experienced high growth rates until the global financial crisis.

The IT industry is continuously growing as an industry within Lithuania and reached 1.9 billion in 2016. Agriculture, science, and technology remain at the forefront of the Lithuanian economy, with tourism increasing annually.

Key Facts

Capital: Vilnius
Population: 2,793,986
Currency: Euro (EUR)
Dominant religion: Christianity 
Language: Lithuanian 
Time Zone: UTC +2 
Main exports: Minerals 
Internet domain: .lt
International dial code: +370

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