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All you need to know about Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast Serviced Apartments
Country Facts - Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast is located on the south coast of West Africa. During the 1960s the country was a powerhouse for the exports of coffee beans and cocoa. Its economy was the largest in Western Africa and fuelled rejuvenation throughout the country. Ivory Coast now relies heavily on agriculture produce to support its economy, and many markets can be found throughout the country. Serviced apartments in the Ivory Coast can be found throughout the major cities and along the coast. The port city of Abidjan is the country’s economic capital, although the city of Yamoussoukro is the country’s political capital.

Ivory Coast has an income per capita of $1,622 US Dollars and the country plays a key role in trade across the western coast and surrounding countries such as Guinea, Burkina Faso, Mali, Ghana, and Liberia. The coastline on the shores of the Gulf of Guinea is also a prime trade route for commercial and passenger services. The Ivory Coast has numerous rubber and cocoa farms that drive its economic base. Due to its history, the country has a close relationship with France which diversifies its exports and trade. These close ties have led to the Ivory Coast receiving investments for its economic growth.

The estimated population of the Ivory Coast is 23,919,000 in July 2014. Tourism to the country has increased annually and the main attractions include the beautiful beaches and wildlife safaris through the natural reserves.

Serviced apartments in Ivory Coast allow for more flexibility, space, and privacy than alternative accommodation options. Ivory Coast serviced apartments are the perfect base for a corporate stay in the country. Close to transport links and business trade route, this accommodation option makes for a great business trip.

Key Facts

Capital: Yamoussoukro and Abidjan
Population: 23,919,000
Currency: West African CFA Franc (XOF)
Dominant religion: Christianity 
Language: French 
Time Zone: GMT 
Main exports: Cocoa 
Internet domain: .cl
International dial code: +225

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