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Abidjan is a port city on the coast of the Gulf of Guinea; the city is a cultural hub and business centre and is the Ivory Coast’s economic capital. Its key location and trade routes to the surrounding countries and cities make it a highly sought after city for business in Western Africa. Serviced apartments in Abidjan make for a great base for your business stay in this bustling city. The city’s dominant language is French due to the country’s rich history and links with France.

The city was originally a small fishing village, but with the outbreak of Yellow fever in Great-Bassam in the late 1800s French colonists moved to the area that is now Abidjan. The new settlement rapidly developed and took over the urban development of Great-Bassam. Abidjan’s Vridi Canal was completed in 1950, leading to Abidjan becoming the main trade route through West Africa. After independence from France in 1960, Abidjan became the economic and administrative centre for Ivory Coast, Yamoussoukro is the political capital.

Today Abidjan is a vibrant hub for business with the main stock exchange for Ivory Coast being located in the city. Air Ivoire also has its headquarters within the city. Situated around the lagoons of Abidjan, visitors can find the most industrialised region in the country. Major lumber, food processing plants, and chemical factories are located within this development. There are also offshore oil wells located around the bay of Abidjan, making the production of chemicals and oil refineries in the area possible. Abidjan serviced apartments are situated within easy reach of the main corporations of Abidjan. The city’s close ties to France have meant that European investment into the city is not uncommon, and the French trade has allowed the city to vary its exports and imports of its produce.

Tourists visit Abidjan for its wide variety of attractions, stunning countryside, and historic architecture. Business travellers can experience and take advantage of the tourist attractions during their stay in an Abidjan serviced apartment due to their proximity to these sites. Banco National Park is a stunning nature reserve located to the north of Abidjan, primarily forest this area is home to wooded walking trails and hikes. St. Paul’s Cathedral and Plateau Mosque offer beautiful architecture within the city and are definitely worth the visit. Many museums telling the rich history of the city and its independence also lie within Abidjan.

Trains run through Abidjan to Ouagadougou linking Treichville and the ferry connections with the country and other stations within the city. Abidjan has one of the biggest ports in West Africa and the Vridi Canal helps maintain Abidjan’s water transport and trade links. The nearest airport to the city is the Port Bouet Airport which accommodated over two million passengers in 2017.

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