All you need to know about Helsinki

Helsinki is the capital of Finland. Situated on a peninsula in the Gulf of Finland, the city is home to 1.1million residents. Helsinki is the largest Finnish city and has one of the highest standards of urban living in the world. The city is a popular tourism destination and is the political, cultural, and financial heart of Finland. Being situated nearby Stockholm, Tallinn and St Petersburg, Helsinki has become a frequently visited destination for business travellers, with a third of national GDP derived from the city. Fishing is a key industry in Helsinki owing to the capitals position on the Gulf of Finland by the Baltic Sea. Shipping companies employ a substantial number of locals, with the service industry expanding. When visiting the Finnish capital, be sure to check out our range of serviced apartments in Helsinki.


Having booked your SilverDoor serviced apartment, it is time to prepare for your business trip to Helsinki. We have put together some essential information to help prepare you for your stay in the Finish capital.

Transport in Helsinki

Helsinki Airport is a major international airport serving the city with flight connections throughout Europe. Travelling from the airport to Helsinki by train takes around 30 minutes, with buses and taxis also an option. Helsinki is an ideal city to travel around by foot, with the Finnish capital also having an excellent transportation system (HSL) compromising of buses, trams, metros, trains, and ferry services.

Weather in Helsinki

Helsinki has a cold and temperate climate. In summer, the Finnish capital experiences mild to warm weather, although evenings can still be chilly. Helsinki experiences a more moderate climate than locations in more northern Finland, owing to the influence of the Baltic Sea and North Atlantic Current. Despite this, winters are still cold with average temperatures in the winter months being below freezing. Helsinki is a rainy city, with the Finnish capital enduring around 120 days of rain annually. The latitude of Helsinki results in the city experiencing long summer days and short winter days.

Sights in Helsinki

The Fortress of Sveaborg and the Suomenlinna Islands are unmissable sights and are reachable by a 20-minute ferry. The islands fell to the Russians during the Swedish-Russian war but in 1918 were returned. Market Square marks in central Helsinki is one of the most renowned markets in northern Europe, with the imposing Uspenski Cathedral a sight worth visiting for business travellers in Helsinki. The National Museum of Finland and the landmark Helsinki Cathedral are popular amongst visitors.


- Helsinki is nicknamed the ‘White City’ with the capital home to many buildings made from white granite.

- Helsinki is an educational capital, with the city home to eight universities and six science and technology parks.

- The archipelago of Helsinki consists of around 330 islands which are connected by around 300 bridges.

- The granite streets of Helsinki are heated underground during winters to prevent locals from slipping!

- Water from the longest tunnel in the world, Päijännetunneli, is top quality and exported around the world.

- Helsinki was named Design Capital of Europe, with the Helsinki Music Centre also being highly regarded.


Our serviced apartments in Helsinki are modern, spacious, and created entirely for business travellers. Our fully furnished corporate accommodation is centrally located in Helsinki and offers a place for comfort and relaxation. Our apartments provide a unique flexibility that is rarely possible when staying in a hotel. Primarily, our guests can decide how regular they would like their apartment to be serviced. This flexibility can help guests feel right at home in Finland, thanks to fewer intrusions. Secondly, our Helsinki corporate accommodation is equipped with cooking facilities that gives our clients the ability to choose between dining in one of the many local restaurants and cooking at home. This capacity for home cooking can often make serviced apartments more affordable than hotels. Finally, the average one bedroom serviced apartment in Helsinki is roughly double the size of a typical hotel room. This extra space not only gives our clients more room to relax, but also allows the option of entertaining guests and conducting business meetings in the living space.


Booking a SilverDoor serviced apartment in Helsinki can be highly beneficial for corporate travellers. With over 20 years in the serviced accommodation industry, at SilverDoor we are best placed to organise your stay in Finland. We understand that every client has differing needs, which is why our dedicated booking agents do their utmost to find the perfect apartment for each enquiry. With strong industry expertise, our booking agents strive to ensure that every client is completely satisfied with the level of customer service throughout the booking process and the quality of their accommodation. Having a vast knowledge of our serviced apartment providers in Helsinki, we aim to offer the very best in the city. We are regularly seeking to expand our portfolio of top-quality accommodation in Helsinki, underlining our dedication to offering the best serviced apartments in Finland.

Old Town pier in Helsinki

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