All you need to know about Stockholm

The capital of Sweden is home to a growing number of businesses and with that comes an increased need for the supply of serviced apartments in Stockholm, Sweden. Our Stockholm apartments stretch across the whole of the city and can cater to any form of request for those travelling to Sweden on business. A beautiful city with plenty to offer, Stockholm is home to companies such as Volvo and Ericsson and is a mainstay for all business in the country.

Why choose a SilverDoor Stockholm apartment?

Our serviced apartments in Stockholm, Sweden, offer so much more than a hotel you might normally stay in. All of our apartments have a hint of Scandinavian décor about them. Simple, sleek and stylish, our Stockholm apartments allow you to be accommodated in fantastic fashion whilst travelling to Sweden on business.

One area that sets us apart from the rest of the industry is our team of dedicated and helpful staff, who will do their utmost to make sure your stay in one of our Stockholm apartments is as comfortable and stress free as possible. From first taking on your enquiry, all the way to handing the keys back over at the end of your stay, our team will guide you through the process offering a hand all the way.

Some of our apartments also offer amenities that are far superior to that of a hotel, with additions such as fitness centres, spas and swimming pools. This is on top of the weekly or bi weekly housekeeping service that is sure to keep your serviced apartments in Stockholm, Sweden, clean and tidy. 

We have a verified service and comply with strict rules and regulations. This also goes for all of our Stockholm apartment property partners, who sign our terms and conditions to ensure that they are compliant with our service and allow us to provide the best customer service possible.

The town of Gamla Stan in Stockholm

What is a serviced apartment?

One of the necessities of going on a trip to Sweden whilst on business, is having the crucial amenities to sustain a comfortable lifestyle, whilst also having that corporate feel. With our serviced apartments in Stockholm, Sweden, you’ll have more than enough equipment to have an enjoyable and relaxing stay in the city.

A key feature of all our apartments in Stockholm, Sweden is that they come with a fully equipped kitchen. This doesn’t just mean that you get basic appliances such as a microwave and a kettle; it means you get an oven with a multi-ringed hob, as well as a microwave, kettle and fridge on top of all the utensils you’d need to use. This will allow to cook what you want when you want, which is particularly necessary when on business travel and you are unsure of what your working hours may be.

This is the same for the living area. Our serviced apartments in Stockholm, Sweden, have comfortable furnishings such as sofas, chairs, as well as a flat screen TV which will allow you to relax like you would at home. This really goes to show that our Stockholm apartments are the perfect home away from home.

What do I need to about staying in Stockholm?

Our Stockholm apartments often provide welcome packs which should give you a rundown of what to expect from the area and your accommodation. Here are a few tip about the area:


Like most Scandinavian countries, Sweden has a very developed and up to date transport system. The city’s bus service runs from the city centre all the way out to the suburbs and further, running from early till late, meaning that if you’ve had a meeting that has over run a little, the bus system has got you covered. Stockholm is also home to plenty of trams and trains which help you commute either within the city or out to other areas of Sweden. There are of course taxis too, which are around 24/7 and able to take you to any location for a more expensive charge. The nearest airport to the city is Stockholm Arlanda Airport. It is 40km from the centre of Stockholm and has regular train and bus transfers available.


With temperatures only reaching above 20 degrees in the summer months, Stockholm has a relatively cold climate. The amount of rainfall is also very consistent, with the amount of rainfall ranging from six days to ten days throughout the year. With incredibly short amounts of daylight in the winter, this is compensated by the long hours in the summer which can be from 3am till 10pm.


One of the most popular dishes in Sweden is a hot and cold buffet style dish called smorgasbord; this is popular amongst most countries in Scandinavia, yet originated in Sweden. Other national dishes include: Swedish meatballs, herring and a multitude of fish meals. Sweden is also famed for a wide array of bakery products, which can be found in the bakeries lining the streets of Stockholm. 


With Swedish being the main language spoken in Stockholm, what you may not know is that a large proportion of the population also speak English fluently. This is down to not many people speaking Swedish and as English is known internationally; this is the perfect second language to have.

What else is Stockholm known for?

Ericsson Globe

The Ericsson Globe is one of the key venues for sports in Sweden. It is where the national hockey team play as well as one of the best venues in the city for music events. This is also the world’s largest spherical building and is a brilliant venue to entertain business partners or clients whilst staying in one of our serviced apartments in Stockholm, Sweden.

Beautiful streets

Stockholm is home to some of Europe’s most gorgeous streets. With some of our Stockholm apartments being in close proximity to these streets, why not venture out to see the 90 cm wide Marten Trotzigs Street Grand. The narrow and steep street take some climbing, but is one of the most popular things to visit in Stockholm.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there any pet friendly apartments in Stockholm?

    We understand many people now wish to travel with their pets. We have a range of pet friendly serviced apartments in Stockholm. This must be arranged before your booking and in some cases a charge may apply. Contact our friendly team today who can help source you a pet friendly serviced apartment in Stockholm.

  • How to book a serviced apartment in Stockholm?

    Browse our serviced accommodation in Stockholm today to secure your perfect stay in this bustling city. Our range combines privacy, space and flexibility with high-end service, ensuring that you are able to both focus on work and relax after hours.

    We recommend booking at least a month before check-in to help us to find you the most suitable option. We always try to accommodate last-minute requests, too, so please do not feel deterred if timings are a little tighter. Contact us today and we will help find the perfect serviced apartment for you, your clients or your employees.

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