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Santo Domingo is a city in the Dominican Republic. It’s the biggest metropolitan area in the Caribbean, with a population of more than 965,000, and an ample range of corporate housing and serviced apartment developments. It overlooks the Ozama River – home to the country’s busiest port – and has a tropical climate, characterised by wet and dry seasons. The main currency used in Santa Domingo is the Dominican Peso, and the predominant language spoken is Spanish.

The city consists of the following three sector regions: Ciudad, Ensanche and Villa. As the main hub for economic activity in the Dominican Republic, it welcomes business travellers from all over the world. It’s twinned with over 20 destinations including Bogotá (Colombia), Buenos Aires (Argentina) and Havana (Cuba). It also shares a sister link with several places in the U.S. With the rise in business travel to the city, corporate housing is becoming an ever more popular accommodation option in Santo Domingo, with more facilities, privacy and flexibility than alternative choices.

Santo Domingo was founded in 1498, and, to this day remains the oldest European city in the Americas. Bartholomew Columbus, its founder, originally called the settlement La Nueva Isabela, with reference to Queen of Spain Isabella I (who was in power at the time). However, in 1495, its name was changed to Santo Domingo. At the time of its name being changed, Santo Domingo was regarded as the principal “Gateway to the Caribbean”. With the various expeditions that have taken place in Santo Domingo, the city’s business travel presence has continued to grow and paved the way for new attractions and corporate housing.  

In becoming a free nation in 1844, Santo Domingo underwent a number of major revolutions and political changes, and today stands as a cultural capital and accommodation centre brimming with history. Its attractions range from beautiful architectural sites to enchanting parks and green spaces. Its most prominent landmarks can be found in the district, Zona Colonial – located in the centre of the city. Corporate housing and serviced apartments in the city allow business travellers to gain the most out of their trip to Santo Domingo, with close proximity to these fascinating attractions. Points of interest include Ciudad Colonial, Toledo Cathedral and the Museum of the Royal Houses. Other sites worth seeing are Dr. Rafael Ma. Moscoso National Botanical Garden, Parque Colon and Plaza Espana Santo Domingo.

Santo Domingo is linked by five national highways and an elevated rapid transit metro system. Its metro system is the most widely used in the Caribbean and covers an impressive number of stations. The city is served by two airports: La Isabela International Airport and Las Américas International Airport. Our serviced apartments in Santo Domingo are well connected by train and car.

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