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Santa Cruz de la Sierra is a city in Bolivia. Otherwise known as Santa Cruz, It lies on the Pirai River, in the eastern part of Bolivia, close to breath-taking national parks and Bolivian rural landscapes. It’s officially the biggest city in Bolivia and boasts some of the best serviced accommodation in the country. It has a population of more than 1.4 million and is one of the quickest growing cities in the world. As a result, it is quickly becoming a global economic player and more and more businesses are entering the city to reap the benefits. Serviced apartments in Santa Cruz allow for business travel in the area to be seamless and are located close to industries, public transport links, and attractions.

Santa Cruz de la Sierra has a tropical savannah climate, with warm weather all year round, and typically sees rainfall between the months of December and January. The currency used in Santa Cruz de la Sierra is the Bolivian Boliviano, and the main language spoken is Spanish.

Santa Cruz was founded in 1561 by Spanish Explorer, Ñuflo de Chavez, roughly 124 miles from its current location, and since then has moved several times. The city began as a small outpost town centred on mining and agriculture. It served as a key staging point for Jesuit Missions. Today Santa Cruz de la Sierra is Bolivia’s main accommodation and business centre.

Since the 20th century, Santa Cruz has grown rapidly following expansion to its petroleum, natural gas and agriculture industries. The city has excelled in its production of dairy and meat products, as well as sugar, wood, soybean oil, leather and alcohol. It’s also become known for its oil refining. Economic development has helped boost Santa Cruz’s business travel and led to the emergence of excellent accommodation options including serviced apartments.

Nowadays, Santa Cruz retains its small-town feeling whilst offering a cosy tropical atmosphere, perfect for a stay in a serviced apartment which are located close to attractions, businesses and sites. It’s a bright and bustling metropolis with great landmarks, restaurants, stores and live music. Popular attractions include Iglesias de la Chiquitania, The Cathedral Basilica of St. Lawrence and Plaza 24 de Septiembre. For shopping, head to Ventura Mall, and, for nature, check out Jardin de las Delicias.

Santa Cruz is linked by various trains which run to a number of destinations including Puerto Quijarro and Sao Paulo. The closest airport to Santa Cruz is Viru-Viru International Airport at 10 miles away. Those staying in serviced accommodation can be rest assured that they won’t have to travel far to catch a train.


Santa Cruz benefits from great serviced accommodation which makes it an excellent business travel destination. Take a look at the serviced apartments SilverDoor has to offer in the city.  

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