All you need to know about Sao Paulo

Brazil's most populous city, Sao Paulo is situated in the southeast of the country and often referred to as a megapolis due to its vast urban population. The city is home to 75% of the country's leading business exhibitions, making serviced apartments in Sao Paulo an ideal option for the influx of corporate travellers visiting the area. The thriving financial hub of Brazil, sometimes referred to with the shorthand ‘Sampa’ or colloquially nicknamed ‘the Land of Drizzle’ for its unpredictable climate, is where you'll find some of the tallest skyscrapers in the nation as well as the finest Sao Paulo serviced apartments.

Tips for staying in Sao Paulo

Dining in Sao Paulo

The city is renowned across the world as a foodie paradise due to all the upscale bistros and fine-dining establishments. A business lunch or dinner would be ideal at the rustic-chic Mani restaurant. A meal here is guaranteed to impress your guests with its contemporary Brazilian dishes prepared by Chef Helena Rizzo, who has won awards both nationally and internationally. Authentic sushi and Japanese dishes are served at Shin-Zush, another fantastic option for hosting a business lunch or corporate event. Dona Vitamina is a popular restaurant for breakfast, and they offer a delivery option to many short stay apartments in Sao Paulo.

Transport in Sao Paulo

The Metro will likely be your best and cheapest alternative for transportation during your business trip in the city, aside from Ubers and Taxis. Regardless of the duration or distance of the trip, a single ride ticket costs R$4.30 (£0.67). Smart card transit passes with discounts are only accessible to Brazilian citizens; foreign visitors can easily purchase full price fares as they go. Purchase tickets at booths within the stations and keep in mind only local currency cash can be used to purchase tickets. It’s also worth knowing that the ticket sellers cannot make change for any notes more than R$20, so try to use smaller bills and coins.

Things to do in Sao Paulo

Although Sampa offers a huge variety of activities, here are a couple that we've highlighted. Head to the renowned Paulista Avenue, which is sometimes considered to be Sao Paulo's equivalent of Times Square in New York and has developed into a vital centre of trade and business. This 1.7-mile avenue marks the modern centre of Brazil's largest city and the avenue hosts several large-scale public events, including the extravagant New Year's Eve celebrations and annual LGBTQ+ Pride Parade, the biggest of its kind in the world.

The Neo Quimica Arena, popularly known as The Corinthians Arena, was constructed in 2014 in preparation for the FIFA World Cup. The Arena now offers the public a chance to visit one of the most cutting-edge stadiums in the world and even watch an official club match. If you're looking for more adrenaline while staying in a Sao Paulo serviced apartment, you might even try skydiving.

Facts about Sao Paulo

  • Every day, 1.6 million pizzas are consumed in Brazil, with Sao Paulo accounting for about one million of those.
  • Sao Paulo is the world's fourth-largest city.
  • Sao Paulo has the largest helicopter fleet in the world, with over 500 registered helicopters and 700 daily flights.
  • The city’s Latin motto, Non ducor, duco, translates as “I am not led, I lead”.

What is a serviced apartment?

By combining the advantages of an apartment with the features offered by hotels, serviced apartments in Sao Paulo give business travellers a home away from home experience. In contrast to a hotel room, Sao Paulo serviced apartment options frequently come with modern features and chic interior decor, not to mention that they often more space and separate living. The comfort of your stay will be much improved by having the solitude of a whole apartment, the ability to prepare your own meals in the convenience of your own kitchen, and the convenience to schedule housekeeping as needed. The extra space makes apartments perfect for entertaining friends and business associates after work, as well as offering the opportunity to travel with family.  

Why choose a serviced apartment in Sao Paulo with SilverDoor?

SilverDoor is an independent agent that specialises in finding and reserving serviced apartments in Sao Paulo and throughout the world. We choose the finest short stay apartments in Sao Paulo, as well as apartments for extended stays, to suit each guest’s specific requirements at the best rates. Allow us to handle the work so you don't have to worry about finding an apartment in Sao Paulo on your own. For all types of business travel and groups of any size, we offer a large selection of serviced apartments. View our portfolio of Brazil serviced apartments ahead of your next trip!

Octavio Frias de Oliveira Bridge in Sao Paulo

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