All you need to know about Arlington

Situated in the state of Virginia and featuring many historic military landmarks, Arlington is a symbol of national pride and identity. A county famed for housing The Pentagon; Arlington is rich in American history. Named by George Washington’s adopted Grandson, George Washington Parke Curtis, Arlington is a living memorial of America’s first president. But beyond its illustrious history, Arlington’s close proximity to Washington D.C makes it key destination for business in the region. Business travellers can expect a wide range of serviced apartments in Arlington to service their stay. Whatever your needs, whether it be studio apartments for short stays, or larger two- or three-bedroom apartments for longer hauls, there is an abundance of corporate serviced apartments in Arlington.

Transport in Arlington

Arlington serviced apartments are dotted around the region, with Arlington’s subway system providing easy access to locations across the county. Fly directly into Arlington to Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport and take the subway from the airport to any of the apartments in Arlington in our extensive portfolio. Alternatively, you could take advantage of the organised and efficient bus service throughout the area which is ideal for specific business trips. Not only is the subway system ideal for business travel, but the influx of highways mean that you can get around Arlington easily with bridges that cross over into the nation’s capital. The distance between Arlington’s centre and the middle of Washington D.C. is only five miles, making it a hotspot destination for commuters into The District.

Things to do

Alongside SilverDoor’s Arlington serviced apartments, there is an abundance of famous and historical landmarks in the area. When staying in serviced apartments in Arlington it is only right that you delve into the wide range of tourist hotspots of the region. The Pentagon offers hour-long tours that are only available Mondays to Thursdays where you will expect to walk at least 1.5 miles in the building. With a host of historical military landmarks, Arlington’s National Cemetry is the final resting place of John F. Kennedy and over 400,000 military veterans. Aside from the multitude of local landmarks, there are also plenty of opportunities to soak in your surroundings on the Mount Vernon Trail. This 17-mile-long path stretches along the George Washington Memorial Parkway where you can spot the white house from across the river. With hundreds of activities to offer, serviced apartments in Arlington are the natural choice for staying close to the action.

Facts about Arlington

When staying in Arlington serviced apartments you are immersing yourself in a region with many interesting facts. Measuring just under 26 square miles, Arlington is the smallest self-governing county in the country. It has no individual cities or towns but instead has various neighbourhoods. As previously stated, it is home to The Pentagon which is the largest office building in the world and houses 25,000 employees every day. Arlington acted as a testing ground for the Wright brothers who experimented with their early planes in the area. Not only did Arlington play a key role in the birth of flight, but it was also involved in the creation of the internet. The Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (ARPAN), which is based in The Pentagon, helped lay the foundation of the internet we know and love today. Interestingly, Arlington was not the area’s original name. When the region was established, it was known as Alexandria County and was changed in 1920. The county was named after the house that George Washington lived in, Arlington House.

What is a serviced apartment?

A SilverDoor Arlington serviced apartments provides the comfort and privacy of a private rental, while supplying all of the services traditionally associated with hotels. They come with all the necessary facilities needed for a successful business trip in the area. With sleeping, cooking, eating, relaxing and working areas designated in each property, our serviced apartments in Arlington provide home comforts, with unmatched peace of mind. Depending on the property type and location, additional facilities can include on-site fitness centres, conference rooms, on-site bars and parking.

Why choose a serviced apartment in Arlington with SilverDoor?

SilverDoor’s 5-star Trustpilot rating reflects the top tier service that the company provides to its clients. We provide an easy booking process which makes booking apartments in Arlington, and anywhere else in the world, quick and hassle free. Our Orbi booking technology makes the booking process as simple and efficient for our clients, where they can easily organise and manage their bookings via our online travel management platform. SilverDoor have no properties of our own, meaning we can focus on achieving the best rates from our property partners. We operate 24-hours a day, with offices based all over the world, our team is always available to answer any queries one may have while staying in our apartments in Arlington, or anywhere else in the world.

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