All you need to know about Salt Lake City

Regarded in the United States as the perfect ski destination, Salt Lake City finds itself nestled along Utah’s Wasatch Mountain range. The city is further known for its bordering mining operations which collect copper, gold, molybdenum, selenium, lead, silver, zinc, and you guessed it; salts. Home to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and a rich Mormon heritage, the state capital includes all the ingredients for a remarkable culturally immersive trip. In Salt Lake City, you can explore some of Silver Lake City’s five national parks. For less adventurous individuals, the city also offers a fantastic restaurant scene, theatre, museums, multi-sports teams, and aquariums. To help you enjoy the city to its fullest potential, Silver Door Apartments offers a wide range of serviced apartments in Salt Lake City.   


Tips for staying in Salt Lake City  

Transport in Salt Lake City  

Salt Lake City serviced apartments are highly central. However, for those willing to explore the city, or even the wider region of Utah, the state offers a sizeable public transport system. The fleet of over 400 buses allows you to explore any of its 120 routes, including 6,200 stops. For longer distances, you can also take advantage of the TRAX railway system with its 42.5 miles of tracks and 50 stations. For those preferring to travel by car, Silver Lake city sits on interstate 80 in Utah which forms part of the interstate highway system from San Fransisco to New Jersey. You can also use the 215 interstate which, nicknamed the Belt Route, forms a loop around Salt Lake City. This means apartments in Salt Lake City are only a short trip away from anywhere in town.  


Shopping in Salt Lake City  

Salk Lake city is to be avoided by shopping addicts. The city’s vast shopping scene offers the City Creek Centre which takes the spotlight. It is Utah’s premier shopping and dining destination with 110 stores and restaurants including Tiffany and Co, Louis Vuitton, Coach, Michael Kors, and more. What makes the shopping centre most impressive is its retractable glass roof and a creek running through the property. Salt Lake City’s Chinatown is also a great place to gather a selection of Asian Food. Feel free to also part-take in the outdoor yoga sessions at the Gateway, a smaller shopping mall in the heart of the city.   


Things to do in Salt Lake City  

Salt Lake City offers an escape to nature without leaving the city. Liberty Park is comprised of 80 acres of greenery where you can enjoy the pond, biking routes, tennis, and volleyball courts in the mists of fresh mountain air. A day's hike can be a great way to explore the local nature before relaxing in a Salt Lake City Serviced Apartment.  

If you get tired of the land, why not take a trip underwater at the living planet aquarium? You can meet the mammoth Electric eel, the stingrays, or even the river giant. The Aquarium also enables you to meet the penguins up close and walk in the 40-foot-long shark tunnels.   

The city has something for everyone. Therefore, if you are more of the sporty type, why not go to Utah Starzz basketball game? Located in downtown Salt Lake City, the stadium holds 19,000 guests and is home to both the NBA’s Utah Jazz and the WNBA’s Utah Starzz.  

Utah’s museum of fine arts (UMFA) located at the University of Utah holds a vast array of global visual arts. Ranging from ancient sculptures to the latest contemporary artworks, the gallery guarantees an immersive experience in the art world. The UMFA is said to be a wake-up call to the senses, a fresh take on the world and a good conversation starter. It is a great way to enjoy the long days at Silver Lake City in the summer when the heat becomes too much.   


Facts About Salt Lake City 

Silver Lake City might seem to be centred around the nature that surrounds it, but its abundance of culture is home to interesting historical neighbourhoods. El Cid, a flamenco theatre/restaurant situated on sunset boulevard is the best place to catch a flamenco night on Saturdays and Sundays. Established in 1925, it served as a speakeasy before becoming a Spanish super club in 1963.  

Finding your way across the city is a breeze with this quick fact. The blocks in the city are all centred around the temple square. Hence, they create a grid where the value increases as it spread further away from the temple Square. For instance, 9th and 9th will be located 10 blocks from the centre.   


What is a service apartment?   

A Silver Lake City Serviced Apartment offers the comfort, tranquillity, and privacy of a hotel with more flexibility, space, and self-sufficiency for independent travellers. As guests benefit from the available kitchen, working area, and lounge, they can settle into the space and separate work from leisure during your trip.    

The main advantage of a Service apartment in Silver Lake city is that it offers flexibility that hotels lack concerning breakfast and dinner hours. Yet it offers the same advantages such as a cleaning service. Visitors can cook at the time they find more convenient in their kitchen, bringing the aspect of the home with them wherever they go.    


Why choose a serviced apartment in Salt Lake City with SilverDoor?   

Whether you are looking for a long-term serviced apartment in Silver Lake City while you relocate, or simply for a short stay trip, SilverDoor’s apartment portfolio offers a wide range of serviced apartments to suit your needs and wants. The extra benefits such as flexible housekeeping service, airport transfer, and facilitated booking process will enable for a more pleasant trip; one that is less stressful and more comfortable 

Landscape view of Salt Lake City, Utah

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