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Memphis is famed for Graceland, the influential strains of rock ‘n’ roll, and blues music. The city is located on the banks of the Mississippi River and features diverse landscapes and historic and cultural sites. Memphis is a hub for commerce, education, and media and it’s ever continuing development makes it a centre for business travel across America and globally. The popularity of corporate housing in America has led to the development of numerous accommodation options across Memphis.  Corporate housing allows business travellers to benefit from more flexibility, space, and privacy than they would from other accommodation options.

Memphis was originally first settled in the 1700s with the area having always been inhabited for centuries previously. The city of Memphis was originally founded on May 22nd 1819 and from then on the city developed into a thriving location. During the late 19th century and 20th century Memphis developed into an integral place for the world’s largest spot cotton market and lumber. The 1960s saw Memphis rise as the centre of the Civil Rights Movement and on April 4, 1968, became the location of Martin Luther King’s assassination.

Memphis is now well known for its cultural significance and history as well as the birthplace of many musicians and home to Elvis Presley and Graceland. Memphis’ economy predominately revolves around trade and transportation. Its strategic position is core to its business development and the Memphis International Airport is the second busiest cargo airport in the world behind Hong Kong. Memphis is home to numerous headquarters and businesses including FedEx, International Paper, and AutoZone. Corporate housing in Memphis situates guests close to these main businesses and districts as well as transportation to surrounding areas.

Memphis offers regular transport throughout the city and connects many important areas throughout the state. Regular trains pass through the city serving the city and outer areas.

With so much to do in Memphis, a business trip is never just about business. Visit Graceland, the former home of Elvis Presley, dance the night away in Beale Street, a historic district renowned for its music, or learn something new at the array of museums dedicated to the city’s civil rights movements and music. Corporate housing and serviced apartments are located near to these famed attractions making it easy for business travellers to make the most out of any trip to this incredible city.

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