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North Charleston is a large city in the state of South Carolina; incorporated in 1972, this city has grown as a business travel hub and a tourist destination. The city is the third-largest in the state and therefore draws business and corporations in. North Charleston boasts a community feel with a driven economic climate and is a city which is home to many corporate housing accommodations, perfect for your business trip to this city.

Originally, North Charleston was home to plantations that harvested crops such as rice and indigo. During the period of 1680 to 1901, the area of North Charleston was driven by agricultural trade and farming. Toward the 19th century, the large plantations which made up the area were divided into smaller farms and the urban population moved forward in development. Once incorporated the area of North Charleston grew from being several neighbourhoods into a metropolis and became the first city to establish a computer-aided dispatch system and the nation’s first Sam’s Club from Wal-Mart.

In recent years, North Charleston has become home to Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner aircraft assembly and prep centre. In turn, this drive in business brought forth more and more companies into the area. The city of North Charles has gained international recognition for being one of just three places in the world for manufacturing wide body and long-range commercial aircraft. The economy of North Charleston is focused mainly around Boeing manufacturing; however, other international companies are based in the city, including Cummins, DXC Technology, and Verizon Wireless. Corporate housing in North Charleston accommodates business travel to the city which has become widely popular.

A business trip in North Charleston doesn’t have to be all work, North Charleston is made up of many things to do and see. Visit the numerous historic plantations that date back to the 1700s and offer zoos and gardens to enjoy. Charleston Harbour also offers stunning views and boat rides making for a peaceful day out. Corporate housing and accommodation in North Charleston places guests near to these attractions, making business travel more pleasant and enjoyable.

Both the Charleston International Airport and Air Force Base are located in the city providing commercial and military transport for the state. North Charleston is also home to port terminals for both cruise liners and cargo ships. Railways and buses also run regularly throughout the city, making transportation easy for exploring other parts of the city. Guests can be situated within easy reach of these links with corporate housing in North Charleston, making businesses and corporations a short journey away.

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