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Tulsa is a large city located in Oklahoma, USA. This city is the second largest in the state of Oklahoma and serves as the county seat for Tulsa County.  Tulsa had a population of 401,800 when it was last recorded in 2017. The main language spoken in Tulsa is American English and the currency used in the American Dollar. Oklahoma City, the capital of Oklahoma is approximately 114 miles south-west of Tulsa. Tulsa has previously been ranked among the 50 best cities in the United States by BusinessWeek, making the city an increasingly attractive location for travelling business professionals seeking quality accommodation such as furnished apartments and corporate housing.

Tulsa is a city rich in history, which dates all the way back to the late 1820s when the Creek Indians arrived and settled in the area, after being removed from their original homes in Georgia and Alabama. Many Creek Tribesman started cattle ranches and the area began to grow. In 1882 the St. Louis and San Francisco Railroad arrival and established the city. Tulsa immediate began to develop after this and the first school and a coal mine opening nearby. In 1900, it was recorded that Tulsa has a population of 1,390 residents by 1910 it had increased to 18,182. The area developed even further and continues to grow to this day.  This development and population increase played a role in making Tulsa the business travel hub that it is today and paved the way for future corporate accommodation including furnished apartments.

Due to Tulsa’s central location in the United States, it is an ideal location of businesses and is home to a few of the nation’s largest organisations. The key industries in Tulsa include aerospace, health care, energy, manufacturing and transport. Tulsa was once known as the “Oil Capital of the World” up until WW2. The cost of business in Tulsa is well below the US average due to the low energy costs and taxes, Tulsa is an excellent location for companies wanting to relocate or expand. There are many furnished apartments in Tulsa that are perfect for business travel.

There are many things to do in Tulsa including visiting the Philbrook Museum of Art, Gilcrease Museum and The Cave House. There are also many unique landmarks in Tulsa including the Holy Family Cathedral and The Boxyard. We offer corporate housing a short distance from many of these attractions to make your business travel stay in Tulsa as entertaining as possible.

Tulsa is well connected to surrounding areas due to a large number of roads that run through the city, U.S. Highway 412 runs right through the centre of the city and Route 44 runs from Tulsa to Oklahoma City. Tulsa International Airport is on the outskirts of the city, five miles from downtown Tulsa. SilverDoor Apartments offer serviced apartments and corporate housing a short distance from Tulsa International Airport, proving easy access to the city’s main airport.

SilverDoor offers a range of quality furnished apartments in Tulsa which are a perfect option for business travel. Your corporate housing in Tulsa will allow more space, flexibility, and privacy during your business stay. Enquire with SilverDoor today.

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