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White Plains is a city in New York, USA. This city is the county seat of Westchester County and has an increasing population, as of 2017 the population of White Plains was 59,047 citizens. The main language spoken is English and the currency used is the American Dollar. White Plains is located in upstate New York and is approximately 27 miles north of Manhattan and 160 miles south of Albany, the capital city of New York. White Plains has been ranked the third top city to live in New York which makes it an increasingly attractive business travel destination and popular among business travellers seeking corporate housing and furnished apartments.

The history of White Plains dates back to 1683, when the land was originally inhabited by the Weckquaeskeck Indians. Men from a nearby city Rye, purchased a large section of the land, for farming land, the area began to develop and in 1757 White Plains became the county seat. After 1870 when the New York Central Railroad was created, the population of White Plains greatly increased. The name White Plains came from heavy mist that hovers over the swampland on the outskirts of the city. This increasing population plays a significant role in making White Plains the business travel hub it is today, and paved the way for corporate accommodation.

The largest industry in White Plains, in recent times, is the healthcare industry. White Plains also has a thriving government and technological centre. The economy of White Plains employs over 30,000 and the median household income is $82,460. White Plains central business district is located in downtown White Plains, where there are many furnished apartments and corporate housing options business travellers can choose from.

There is much to do in White Plains including visiting Bloomingdale’s and The Westchester, large popular department stores in the city centre. Furnished apartments in White Plains are located near to the wonderful outdoor attractions. There are many outdoor activities to do in the area as well including heading to Saxon Woods Park or one of the many golf courses. White Plains has many notable people that were born in the city, one of the most famous in popular times is Mark Zuckerburg, founder of Facebook.

White Plains has many excellent transport links; the nearest airport to the city in Westchester County Airport which is about 7 miles away. The city also has two railway stations and has several bus routes that connect the city to the nearby neighbourhoods. There are many options for corporate housing very close to a large range of these transport links.

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