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Looking for corporate housing in Manhattan, New York for an upcoming business trip? Look no further – SilverDoor Apartments has the finest selection of corporate serviced apartments in Manhattan and the wider city of New York. With an in-depth understanding of what our business clients require when undertaking corporate travel, we are able to source and provide bookings for the most suitable corporate furnished apartments across the world. Book with us today for professional service and exceptional business accommodation tailored to you. 


SilverDoor Apartments offers a superior service when booking serviced apartments in Manhattan, or indeed anywhere in the world. We have accrued many years of experience in the corporate accommodation business, meaning we are optimised to serve business clients. We offer a personalised, friendly and incredibly efficient service which continues throughout your stay and beyond. With multiple offices across the globe, we are able to maintain a 24-hour service – meaning your queries will never go unanswered. Just some of the benefits our service provides are:

              Excellent resources. Thanks to the many fantastic relationships we hold with countless, world-leading property partners, we are able to not only provide an outstanding portfolio of properties worldwide but also go the extra mile to make special arrangements for you and your team. Renowned for our professionalism and friendliness, we are able to make fast enquiries on your behalf – directly with property owners – to arrange special requests. We can even find properties in locations not currently in our portfolio. If it’s within our power – we will make it happen.  

•             Inside knowledge. Unlike our competitors, we source properties directly and stay in close contact with providers to glean the most amount of information possible – as to better recommend properties to our customers. In addition to apartment features and local area guides, we can also provide personal insight, as we arrange for our staff members to stay in properties – meaning we can provide first-hand details about properties which you may not otherwise receive. 

•             Excellent service. Our team is driven to be as helpful and efficient as possible. With dedicated account handlers on hand to build relationships and respond to any queries quickly and effectively, it’s no wonder that our clients return to us again and again. With hundreds of 5 star Trustpilot reviews to our name, it is clear that what sets us apart from the competition is our unbeatable customer service. 


To find your perfect corporate housing in Manhattan, call us today for friendly and professional advice and recommendations. Alternatively, browse our complete collection of corporate serviced apartments in Manhattan now to view the quality of our properties for yourself. 


A business trip to Manhattan is best served by accommodation which is tailored to you and your colleagues. A simple hotel room is often cramped, noisy and restrictive. An aparthotel in Manhattan provides a totally different experience. These serviced apartments are much better suited to business travellers, as they blend hotel standard services with the benefits of a personal, spacious rented living area. Just a few of these combined advantages are listed below:

•             Amazing value. Like for like, serviced apartments are much better value than equivalent hotel suites (with a similar standard of space and included features and amenities). In addition to this, a tax reduction is applied to longer stay apartment bookings, meaning more savings are made the longer you book. This is particularly useful for relocating colleagues in need of long-stay accommodation while awaiting a permanent residence. 

•             Excellent services. Most of our apartments are located within dedicated apartment buildings, which in turn come with a host of on-site features (many of which will be included in the price of your stay). Use of these facilities is entirely optional, but the added flexibility can make your stay more convenient and offers a home from home quality. Just some of these services are on-site fitness centres, swimming pools, conference rooms, 24-hour reception, parking, and many more.

•             Total flexibility. Perhaps the greatest benefit of a serviced apartment is the level of flexibility it provides. From the multiple, dedicated living areas which provide the option to do what you like, when you like (cooking and staying in, working in the comfort of your apartment, entertaining colleagues and so on), to the option to schedule housekeeping so as to not interrupt your stay, the advantages of a flexible space are clear.


 The most densely populated of New York City’s five boroughs, Manhattan is an iconic metropolis of businesses and communities. The borough has approximately 1.6 million inhabitants, but this increases to over 3.9 million with daily commuters to the region.


Due to the borough’s incredibly dense population and limited physical area, most people avoid private car ownership. Instead, Manhattan provides an impressive range of public transportation options. The New York City Subway serves Manhattan and the wider city, meaning getting from island to island is fast and straight forward. Buses run throughout Manhattan, operated by MTA New York City Transit, and served 784 million passengers in 2011. Other forms of travel, including the State Island Ferry and Roosevelt Island Tramway, make getting from A to B an efficient and often breath-taking exercise.  


Being on the North East Coast, Manhattan experiences typically warm summers (reaching an average of around 25 degrees centigrade in July) and often very cold winters. In its exposed position the area does have fairly high amounts of rain and can suffer from dense snowfall in the winter months. 



Manhattan was originally a trading post established by Dutch colonists in 1624 and named New Amsterdam in 1626. New Amsterdam became New York when taken over by the English, whereas Manhattan itself was derived from the Munsee dialect of the Lenape (meaning ‘the place where we get bows’), as the island was known for its grove of hickory trees. 


Home to the New York Stock Exchange, Wall Street, the NASDAQ, the New York Board of Trade and the New York Mercantile Exchange, it is no surprise that Manhattan is an incredibly prosperous area in which white-collar professions abound. The borough is also home to many corporate headquarters, including the United Nations, Morgan Stanley, Nike and Goldman Sachs. 

Manhattan, New York

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