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Trenton is the state capital city of New Jersey, USA. New Jersey is a small state located on the east coast of the United States.  Trenton has a population of approximately 84,964 and is the 10th most populated city in New Jersey. The main language spoken in Trenton is English and the currency used is the US dollar. Trenton is approximately 58 miles south of New York and 30 miles northeast of Philadelphia. As New Jersey’s capital, Trenton is an attractive destination for business professionals seeking quality furnished accommodations such as corporate housing and serviced apartments.

The name Trenton originates from the namesake of William Trent, one of the leading landlords of the area in the 17th century. The town was originally called Trent Town but was later shortened to Trenton.  Trenton was the site of the first victory of George Washington’s during the Revolutionary War, so is a city full of rich history. After this victory, the city of Trenton has been named the capital of the United States of America for a brief period. Later in history during the 1800s and 1900s, Trenton was a large manufacturing hub of America producing steel, rubber, rope, wire and linoleum. Trenton’s motto is “Trenton makes, the world takes”.  This history has played a large part in making Trenton the business travel hub and industrial centre it is today and has paved the way for furnished apartments.

Today the largest employer in Trenton is the government and other significant industries include manufacturing and trading.  The central business district is located in Downtown Trenton along east State, North Broad and North Warren streets. There are many furnished apartments close to the central business district making them the perfect option for business travel.

There are a lot of attractions to visit in Trenton, if you are intrigued by arts and culture and want to learn about the history of the city The New Jersey State House, New Jersey State Library, Trenton War Memorial, Trenton battle Monument, Trenton City Museum and Trenton Town Hall are perfect places to visit.

Trenton is well connected to surrounding areas by rail, road and air and furnished apartments are within close proximity to travel links. The Trenton Transit Centre, a large train and bus station is in a very central location in the city and provides travel to New York City and Washington DC. The U.S. Highway 1 runs right through Trenton providing easy access to Philadelphia. Philadelphia International Airport is the nearest airport which is just less than 40 miles from Trenton city centre.

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