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Corporate housing in Woodbury, Minnesota offers business travellers accommodation perfectly suited to their needs. Our serviced apartments have been selected for their compatibility with our clients, who require space, functionality and flexibility during their stay. At SilverDoor Apartments, we specialise in sourcing and booking the ideal accommodation for you and your colleagues, no matter where you are travelling. As experts in the industry, we understand exactly what those on corporate trips expect and desire from their accommodation, and so there is no one better to turn to for booking your serviced apartment in Woodbury than SilverDoor.  

Why choose a SilverDoor Woodbury apartment? 

Offering much more than a typical online accommodation provider, SilverDoor Apartments is renowned for offering unbeatable service and expertise which our competitors simply cannot match. We have years of experience in the industry, meaning we have the best contacts, business relationships and know-how to source the best apartments available and tailor them to your requirements. We have a team of experts eager to help you arrange your business stay in Woodbury – and booking with us provides a host of benefits, such as:

A first rate service. Our team of professionals have collectively accrued many years of experience in the serviced accommodation industry, meaning they have the contacts and the professional knowhow to source the best apartments for the best rates. With excellent property partner relationships, we are able to liaise with our properties to quickly agree the ideal specifications to meet your requirements. 

Insider knowledge. As well as having strong relationships with our property partners, we also encourage our team members to stay in the apartments we source. This means we often have first-hand recommendations and details about properties and their locales - making us better able to find apartments truly suited to your needs. 

If you are preparing to visit Woodbury on business, browse our collection of serviced apartments now to see the high standard of accommodation we provide. Alternatively, receive a personalised service and call a member of our helpful team today and take the stress out of your itinerary.  

What is a serviced apartment? 

Serviced apartments are becoming increasingly common throughout the world’s cities as more and more of us become wise to the number of advantages an apartment offers above a hotel room. Corporate housing takes the positives of a hotel and adds a range of benefits exclusive to rented accommodation. These luxurious and spacious apartments are very well suited to business travellers due to the flexibility they offer, as well as a host of other benefits, such as:

Excellent value. Serviced apartments are ideal for those who need to stay in a new city for extended periods, as beyond a duration threshold the nightly cost of one of our apartments drops. This is particularly beneficial for colleagues relocating to a new area who are in need of long-stay temporary accommodation while a permanent residence is acquired. 

Unequalled privacy. Whereas a hotel is often bustling with other guests and members of staff, corporate serviced apartments tend to be situated within quiet apartment buildings where privacy is paramount. With spacious private living areas suited to all your needs, one of our serviced apartments functions as a home away from home, meaning you won’t be rudely interrupted for feel as though you are living out of a suitcase as is typical with hotel stays. 

Countless services. Unlike a standard hotel room, serviced apartments tend to feature a range of included services, such as housekeeping, access to on-site gymnasiums and pools, recreational and business areas, concierge services and much more. In addition to this, your aparthotel is of course fully fitted with all the tools and furnishings necessary to enjoy a completely self-sufficient stay.

What do I need to know about staying in Woodbury? 

Originally known as Red Rock, but renamed when Levi Woodbury (a justice of the Supreme Court of the United States) realised there was another Red Rock in the state, Woodbury is part of the Twin Cities metropolitan area of Minnesota. When the area was settled in 1844, its mostly wooded land was gradually converted to farmland. Nowadays, the extensive farmland is slowly being transformed by new urban developments. 


Woodbury is serviced by Metro Transit which provides a bus service in and around the city, with links to St.Paul, Minneapolis. There are no close train stations or airports which means travelling to the city, other than by bus, is likely to involve taxis or a rental car. As such, carpooling is popular in the city. 


Due its location, Woodbury has a fairly typical annual weather trend, with long warm summers punctuated by rainfall and partly cloudy sky coverage. The city’s warmest weather tends to peak at around 80F, whereas in winter it can reach -11F. The best time of year to visit in terms of clement weather is from late June to early September.  

What else is Woodbury known for? 


The city got its original name of Red Rock after a sacred stone painted by the Dakota Chief Little Crow. When the region turned towards agriculture in the late 1800s, the principle crops were wheat, barley, corn and potatoes. This agricultural shift can still be felt today, as much of the area around the city consists of arable farmland. You can visit the preserved Woodbury Heritage House and Garden to see what life was like during the town’s illustrious farming years of the past. 
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