All you need to know about Duluth

Located on the banks of Lake Superior, Duluth’s position makes it a major port in the state of Minnesota. The city has a growing population and is the second largest city on Lake Superior after Thunder Bay in Canada. Duluth is not only a great tourist destination but a centre for trade and business in the area. Corporate housing in Duluth helps accommodate business travel with more space, flexibility, and central locations than alternative accommodation options.

Duluth’s industry was originally built around the fur trade in the 1600s when many flocked to the area after the demand in Europe for beaver hats and pelts. The city’s location made it the ideal place for trading with Canada and other ports situated around the lakes. Right through until the 1800s the city was a major fur-trading port, and a growing number of European Americans continued to settle in the area. Despite almost disappearing from the map after a crash in the market during the latter half of the 1800s the city survived and soon became the busiest port in the United States with numerous jobs in mining and industry opening up.

During the early 21st century the city became home to numerous banking firms, retail, and medical health centres. With the construction of performance centres and entertainment venues, the tourist industry has grown and has led to an estimated 3.5 million annual visitors contributing $400 million to the economy. Over recent years this port city has become home to manufacturing and engineering firms such as Enbridge. The city is also home to numerous tourist businesses such as tours and water sport centres. Corporate housing in the city has led to an increase in popularity for business travel and situates guests close to corporations and businesses.

The city is known for its attractions and tourism, and so your business trip doesn’t have to be just about work. Corporate housing offers prime locations close to Duluth’s tourism points such as Glensheen historic mansion, the Aerial Lift Bridge, and the Great Lakes Aquarium.

Public transport links the city and surrounding areas with highways running throughout the city. Highway 23 which indirectly links Duluth with Sioux Falls. Highway 33 bypasses Duluth and connects traffic to Interstate 35. The nearest airport to the city is Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport with a skyline serviced that provides a connection to the city.

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