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Hopkinton is the perfect place for business travel and corporate stays, located less than 30 miles from Boston, with a population of more than 14,000, Hopkinton is a beautiful commuter town in Massachusetts. Its community feel and surrounding scenery has led to a rise in travellers working in the Boston area. A fantastic range of transport links to and from the surrounding areas including Worcester, Boston, and Providence are provided throughout the city. Corporate housing in Hopkinton is located within close proximity to transport links and provides a great base for business travellers to stay during their time in the city. SilverDoor corporate housing and serviced apartments offer more space, flexibility, and privacy than alternative accommodation options, and therefore make the perfect home away from home in Hopkinton. The town is best known for being the starting point of the Boston Marathon when around 30,000 participants turn up in Hopkinton for the start of the event. Over 500,000 spectators watch the event each year with the marathon being broadcast internationally too. For this period of the year, Hopkinton takes the limelight and businesses in the area take centre stage as the runners take to the streets. The corporate housing in Hopkinton during this time is extremely popular and books out quickly, so secure your serviced apartment for this well in advance. 

The town of Hopkinton was incorporated in 1715 when settlers first inhabited the area as an agricultural community. This focus and community feel continued until the 1840s when boot and shoe industries were introduced to the area. Hopkinton quickly became a hub of business and travel to the area escalated in order to be part of this boom in the economy. During the 1850s, however, Hopkinton began to lose its allure with the industry, and the boot and shoe manufacturers were lured away by other towns in the area. Sadly, Hopkinton’s luck didn’t change and over the course of a few years, the town had been swept by fires which damage and destroyed the remaining boot and shoe businesses in the town.

During this devastating time for Hopkinton, many of the residents and other businesses relocated. However, Hopkinton reconstructed and this time the town built more houses and stores with materials that could withstand fires, should one ever break out again. The brick town hall of Hopkinton constructed during this time still stands today. Hopkinton has two historic districts which are home to 120 properties which remind Hopkinton of its past. 

Although the boot and shoe manufacturing industry has long gone, Hopkinton is now home to the headquarters of EMC Corporation, a global manufacturer of software for I.T. which employs over 6800 people in Massachusetts. Corporate housing in Hopkinton provides accommodation with ease of access to these businesses, and business travellers are offered more space, flexibility, and privacy with the corporate housing option.

Hopkinton is served by the major interstate highways, 90 and 495 which divide the town into east and west areas. The town is regularly served by bus routes to and from Boston, as well as the MBTA commuter rail station at Framingham. Hopkinton’s fantastic public transport links make it the perfect town for commuters to Boston, Worcester, Providence, and the surrounding areas. Corporate housing and serviced apartments are within close proximity to transport links making it easy for business travel.

Hopkinton corporate housing is the ideal alternative to hotel accommodation, providing more space, flexibility, and privacy for business travellers. Corporate housing in Hopkinton is close to business and transport routes. Book with SilverDoor Apartments today to secure your service apartment in Hopkinton. 

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