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Lexington, a town in Massachusetts, boasts an extensive history, exciting business opportunities, and a growing economy.  Home to more than 30,000 residents, this town offers great transport links to nearby cities such as Boston, Lawrence and Manchester. With a number of headquarters, business, and numerous tourists visiting each year, Lexington is the perfect place for business travel. SilverDoor Apartments can offer you a range of corporate housing in Lexington for your stay in this town. Corporate housing offers a great alternative to other accommodation and offers more space, flexibility, and privacy.

Settled in 1642 as part of Cambridge, Massachusetts, Lexington, was founded as a small town in 1713. On April 19, 1775, Lexington was the site of the first shots that signalled the beginning of the American Revolutionary War. The battle of Lexington was, what many regard as, the first battle of the American Revolutionary War and Lexington prides itself on its history regarding this. For many years during and after the war, Lexington grew as a farming community which supplied Boston with more than half of its produce. With the creation of the railroad between Boston and Lexington, the town began to prosper. During the 1960's and '70's, many residents in towns and neighbourhoods nearby relocated to Lexington, and the town experienced a surge in population growth. The high-tech boom brought many people to the area, and school standards, housing project standards, and property values all soared. As a result, businesses moved into the area and business travel became popular in Lexington to upkeep the growing economy. The popularity of corporate housing across America had led to more serviced apartments in the town of Lexington for corporate stays in the area.

Lexington is home to numerous historic sites including the Lexington Common National Historic Site, Minute Man National Historic Park, and Buckman Tavern. Business travellers staying in Lexington can also benefit from large open space for quiet walks or work-outs. Corporate housing in Lexington situates guests close to the array of attractions and parks.

Transport in Lexington provides regular services to and from Boston by bus. The Boston Logan Airport is located approximately 18 miles from Lexington. Lexington is also situated at the intersection of I-95 and Route 2, making it easily accessible. Corporate housing in Lexington is close to public transport links and is just a short bus ride from the Alewife MBTA subway stop.

For serviced apartments and corporate housing in Lexington, book with SilverDoor Apartments. Corporate housing provides more space, flexibility, and privacy than alternative accommodation options. 
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