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Indianapolis is the most populous city in the state of Indiana and is the seat of Marion County. Indianapolis is the 16th largest city by land in the U.S. as well as being the anchor for the 25th largest economic region in the U.S. with predominant industries in finance and insurance. The city also has a niche market in amateur sports and car racing. The city is renowned for the Indianapolis 500, the world’s largest one-day sporting event. Corporate housing in Indianapolis gives business travellers the opportunity to stay in this enterprising city, close to event spaces, businesses and headquarters. Serviced apartments and corporate housing allow guests to feel at home during their stay in Indianapolis. 

Indianapolis is home to a diverse range of industries, businesses, and corporations. The economy is mainly dominated by finance, insurance, real estate, business services, and manufacturing. The hospitality sector is an ever-increasing part of the economy with more and more tourism being attracted to the area. The city is an import logistic centre for tourists and traders alike.

Indiana gained its statehood in 1816, and, in 1820 a project was launched to create a new city for the new state capital. The site was adopted and plans for a new settlement were drawn up and implemented. The city saw rapid expansion during this time, especially with the national road being built through the town in 1827.

During the American Civil War, Indianapolis became a logistics hub for the union, and, following this and the second industrial revolution, Indianapolis experienced great prosperity. Most of the city’s architectural and historical events originated at the turn of the 20th century. The city continues to redevelop with many infrastructure projects continuing to the present day. The growth of the city has led to an increase in business travel, relocations, and expats to the area, making it a great place for business travel. As housing projects increase in the area, the demand for corporate housing has risen and the serviced apartments in the surrounding area and the city meet the high standards being set.

Indianapolis corporate housing provides business travellers with close proximity to the city centre, businesses, and the central business district. Giving corporate stays more flexibility, privacy, and space in their accommodation. Corporate housing in Indianapolis is a great alternative option to hotel accommodation. Book now with SilverDoor Apartments for your serviced apartment needs in Indianapolis.

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