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For the ideal corporate housing in Jacksonville during your business stay in Florida, look no further than SilverDoor Apartments. Our Jacksonville serviced apartments offer the most comfortable, convenient accommodation option for the corporate traveller, and have been specially selected for their facilities and high quality. We understand the importance of corporate housing to facilitating a successful business trip – and our selection of Jacksonville long and short-stay corporate accommodation is sure to suit your needs.

Why choose a SilverDoor Jacksonville apartment?

There are many reasons why booking a serviced apartment in Jacksonville with SilverDoor is in your interest, not least due to our years’ of experience specialising in the corporate accommodation industry. This makes us industry leading experts, with the knowledge to source corporate housing quickly, and obtain the best rates for our clients. Maintaining excellent relationships with property partners worldwide, we are able to ensure we have optimised corporate housing across the globe – with properties features in over 800 cities (and counting).

As aspect of the SilverDoor experience which keeps clients coming back to us time and time again is our outstanding customer service. With dedicated account handlers assigned to each client, our team members form strong relationships which we maintain through fast turnarounds, excellent personalised recommendations and an ethos driven by excellence. It’s no wonder we have hundreds of glowing Trustpilot reviews to our name – the service we provide means we work with some of the largest corporations in the world.

Furthermore, our excellent partner relationships allow us to accommodate special requests and discuss particular arrangements depending on our clients’ needs. We can quickly make enquiries to find the best solution – whether you need additional sleeping arrangements, or a last minute extension to your stay, we can work fast to make it happen. We can even find new properties in locations we don’t currently feature if you have an urgent request for a property not currently on our books.

Book your corporate housing in Jacksonville, Florida today – simply browse our website to see the available options or call our team directly for fast, friendly and helpful advice from a professional corporate letting agent.

What is a serviced apartment?

A serviced apartment is a unique blend of hotel services and home from home accommodation. Our corporate accommodation is designed to be flexible and adaptable to your needs while travelling on business. Often the natural instinct when booking accommodation for business travel is to look at local hotels – but our serviced apartments offer a much more convenient and homely stay. Just some of the benefits this form of accommodation offers include:

·         Privacy and space. Unlike a busy hotel, our serviced apartments reside in quiet, dedicated buildings and provide ample living space within designated rooms and areas. This additional level of privacy allows for a greater sense of homeliness and peace. The inclusion of separate living spaces means you can always use the space to suit you, and means that even shared apartments can be enjoyed individually. You can work, entertain, rest or relax in a spacious and luxurious area of your own. A fully fitted kitchen allows for totally flexibility of your schedule, as the option to cook releases you from hotel restaurant timetables.

·         Luxury services. With additional services coming as standard with many of our apartments, you can often benefit from on-site amenities during your stay, such as: fitness centres, car parks, swimming pools, conference rooms, housekeeping, 24-7 reception and more. The majority of these services are included in the cost of your stay, and make for an even more convenient business trip.

·         Great value. Serviced apartments are much better value than equivalent hotel suites offering similar space and service. In addition to this immediate saving, our apartments benefit from a tax reduction beyond a certain duration threshold, meaning our apartments offer even more amazing value when booked for longer stays. This makes them ideally suited to colleagues relocating and in need of somewhere to stay while awaiting permanent housing.

What do I need to know about staying in Jacksonville?

With a population of almost 1 million, Jacksonville is the most populous city in Florida. Named after Andrew Jackson – the seventh President of the USA, and also the first military governor of Florida, Jacksonville was first inhabited by the Timucua people, before it was settled by the Europeans (in the form of a French fort) in 1564.


With an automated transit system – the Jacksonville Skyway (monorail) and an Amtrak national passenger rail system running through the city, Jacksonville is not difficult to traverse via public transport. The city has its own airport (the Jacksonville International Airport) which is located 13 miles north of the downtown area, meaning reaching Jacksonville via domestic air travel is uncomplicated.


Like much of Florida, Jacksonville experiences typically hot and oppressive summers with heavy cloud cover – with temperatures reaching up to 90F. Winters are much cooler, though short, and temperatures between 40 and 32F. The best times of year for warm weather are said to be between March and May and October and November.

What else is Jacksonville known for?


With its large deepwater port, Jacksonville is a leading port in the state, and indeed the country, for importing vehicles. It is also the leading transportation hub in Florida. The city’s economy is now driven by distribution, financial services, consumer goods, insurance and other service industries. Thanks to ‘near-shoring’, many multiple financial institutions have shifted operations from high-scot addresses to the likes of Jacksonville – and the city economy is prospering for it. One such example of this move is Deutsche Bank – who located their second largest base of operations in Jacksonville. 

Jacksonville, Florida

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