All you need to know about Washington DC

SilverDoor provides a plethora of serviced apartments in Washington DC. With over 60 serviced apartments in and around Washington DC, each one offering a range of different facilities to suit your needs, it is an effortless task for one of our team to find you the perfect stay. Founded in 1790, Washington DC is unique as it was established to serve as the capital of the USA and is a district rather than being a part of any state. Named after George Washington, it is home to The White House, United States Capitol, and more than 175 embassies and international cultural centres. Due to the city’s status as a major tourist destination and there being many federal civil service jobs, the service sector rules the city’s economy.


Travel in Washington DC

Washington has one of the best public transportation systems in the USA and its Metro is the second busiest in the US with an average of 9 million people traveling every weekday. The hub-and-spoke rail system is integrated with an extensive bus system, with all lines converging in downtown D.C. Public transportation is often the fastest way to travel but the most scenic way to get around the city is to walk and it is very accessible - with numbered streets running south to north and lettered streets running east to west. In terms of getting into the city, the airports are easily accessible via The Washington Metro Rail and The Washington Flyer coach. No matter whereabouts your apartment is located, transport is never far from one of our Washington DC serviced apartments.

Shopping in Washington DC

When staying in a serviced apartments in Washington DC, you’re spoiled for choice as there is an abundance of shops and outlets in the area. Located outside of the centre, Potomac Mills is the largest outlet in the Washington DC area with more than 220 stores. Georgetown is a quaint neighbourhood that is parallel with the river Potomac; it has a multitude of both boutiques and high-end stores as well as a variety of bars and restaurants. The 14th Street/U Street has a great mix of independent stores, restaurants, nightclubs, and live music venues, attracting locals and tourists.

Things to do in Washington DC

As Washington DC is a popular sight for tourists to visit, there are plenty of things to do whilst staying in Washington DC corporate housing. The National Gallery of Art is a must-visit, featuring a large collection of paintings, drawings, sculptures and many more. It has a beautiful sculpture garden with a grand fountain and during Christmas an ice rink appears outside the gallery. Open daily, free to explore, and with both temporary and permanent exhibitions, the gallery is a great place to checkout before settling at your Washington DC corporate housing. Washington is also home to the world’s biggest Library, the Library of Congress, filled with over 38 million books, maps, photographs etcetera. Not only is it a beautiful building, but it also has around 12,000 items added to the collections daily. Eastern Market is an outdoor and indoor market selling fresh fruit, baked goods and delis - the market is open all year-round, Tuesday through to Sunday.


Washington DC has one of the world’s only International Spy Museum which exhibits the history of spy technology from the last 50 years. It opened in 2002 and holds the largest collection of international espionage artifacts on public display.

Despite overseeing the construction, George Washington never lived in the White House as he died before it was built.  This meant John Adams was the first president to live there and since then each president has changed parts of it to suit their own style.

The DC in Washington DC stands for District of Columbia in honour of the Italian explorer Christopher Columbus.


Serviced apartments in Washington DC feel like a home as you’re able to cook and eat whenever you please, as opposed to a hotel which can feel restrictive with scheduled times to eat. A serviced apartment combines the convenience of hotel services, such as frequent housekeeping, and the comfort of an apartment. Having your own living room and kitchen can make your whistle stop tour or long term business stay feel more homely - at the end of a business day you can relax with all your home comforts around you.


SilverDoor has many different apartments in and around Washington DC all of which have everything you’d expect from a serviced apartment. Our team is here to support you 24 hours a day and want to make sure you have the best stay with SilverDoor before, during and after your visit in one of our Washington DC serviced apartments. We will ensure your needs are met by selecting the best apartment through our extensive list for and working closely with you, our clients – at SilverDoor we will pick the best furnished apartments in Washington DC for you.

The White House, Washington DC

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