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Stamford is a city located on Long Island South in Connecticut. The city has attracted both business travellers and tourists for many years and continues to grow and develop. It’s location near to New York make it a sought-after business destination. Corporate housing in Stamford is within close proximity to a variety of corporations and businesses. The city is home to 122,643 people as of 2017 and has risen to 131,000 making it the third largest city in Connecticut.

Stamford began as Native American settlement named Rippowam and the name stuck with the arrival of the European settlers to the area. By the 18th century, the city had grown significantly thanks to the main industry of merchandising by water, due to the city’s close proximity to New York. Stamford was officially established and incorporated as a town in 1801. The beauty of the area brought many holidaymakers and summer homes being built along the shoreline of Stamford during the 1900s. Those who lived in the city commuted to New York for business as well as the businesses in Stamford as well. The main growth of the city happened during the 1960s and 1970s when the price of the real estate in the area soared due to companies from New York relocating to the area.

In recent years, Stamford has been added to, with substantial growth of the city’s downtown area. New retail and restaurant opportunities have also begun to open up around the harbour Point area which is considered to be the area of “New Stamford”.  Stamford is home to an array of headquarters including numerous Fortune 500 companies. Significant headquarters such as Charter Communications,, and NBC Sports Group are all located within Stamford and employee many people within the area as well as making business travel, corporate housing, and accommodation in Stamford increasingly popular among corporations.  

State parks, nature reserves, waterfronts, and beautiful landscapes are all located within the area of Stamford. Corporate housing in Stamford situates business guests close to these tranquil open spaces, making for the perfect day out or evening stroll along the harbour.  The city is also home to many landmarks including Landmark Tower and Saint Mary of Stamford.

Stamford is served by regular bus and train services that link New London in the East and New York to the south. The city is also served by the high-speed service between Boston and Washington, with the Amtrak route stopping several times a day in Stamford.  Furnished apartments in Stamford are located within easy reach of these transport links and the nearest airports are LaGuardia Airport and John F. Kennedy International Airport both located in Queens, less than 40 miles away from Stamford city centre.

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