All you need to know about Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is a city in Colorado, USA. It lies to the east of the state and overlooks Fountain Creek. The city is roughly 60 miles from Denver and is situated roughly 1 mile above sea level. It has a population a more than 465,000 and a total surface area of 195.11 square miles. The main language spoken in Colorado Springs is English and the main currency used is the US Dollar. The city offers a semi-arid climate, with hot summers and cool winters. As the second most densely populated city in Colorado, Colorado Springs stands as a thriving business travel destination, home to an excellent array of serviced apartments and corporate housing.

Colorado Springs has been occupied since the early 19th century. Its original settlers were the Cheyenne, Arapaho and Ute peoples, who led a predominantly nomadic existence prior to the arrival of European explorers. Under colonial occupation, the area was divided up into French and Spanish regions, before later being made part of the 1854 Kansas territory. The famous Colorado Gold Rush had a big role to play in drawing explorers to the area in search of gold deposits which would drive up its reputation as a business travel hub. This gold rush, coupled with the building of the Colorado Midland Railroad, helped increase the city’s population significantly in the 19th century. A number of key buildings were constructed to support this growth including Colorado College, a local library and a county courthouse. New accommodation also sprang up in the city, of the like which we commonly associate with corporate housing today.

Today, Colorado Springs is the 42nd most densely populated city in the USA. Its economy centres on a mixture of tourism, technology and the military, and is also driven by the service sector. Top attractions in Colorado Springs include the Penrose Heritage Museum, Pikes Peak and the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. Other sights worth seeing are Seven Bridges Trail and Red Rock Canyon. With so much to see in Colorado Springs, your business travel excursion to the city needn’t just be focused on work.

Colorado Springs is served by various state and interstate highways including Interstate 25 and State Highway 21. It’s also linked by numerous county and city roads. The Metropolitan Transit provides a number of transportation services in Colorado Springs, as does Mountain Metro Rides. The closest airport to Colorado Springs is Colorado Springs Airport. Our corporate housing in Colorado Springs connects to all such transport links and is furnished to an excellent standard.

SilverDoor offers a number of quality serviced apartments in Colorado Springs which are perfect for business travel. Book corporate housing with SilverDoor today to make your business travel experience in Colorado Springs a memorable one. 

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