All you need to know about Sunnyvale

Sunnyvale is a city in Santa Clara, California, located 12 miles west of San Jose and 40 miles south-east of San Francisco. It’s the seventh most populated city in the San Francisco Bay Area with an estimated population of more than 140,095. Its California home makes it popular with business travellers in search of corporate housing and serviced apartments. 

When Sunnyvale was originally founded in 1850, it was named the City of Murphy, after one of its first residents, Martin Murphy Jr. a wheat farmer. Wheat farming was a major industry in this area at the time. Later in the 1870s, Sunnyvale’s wheat farms declined due to soil degradation and were instead replaced by fruit orchards. Fruit orchards became so widespread in the area that in 1886 the San Jose Board of Trade named Santa Clara County the “Garden of the World”.

In recent years, Sunnyvale has become a high-tech area, with a number of major technology companies including Yahoo, Linkedin, Apple and Honeywell establishing offices there. Sunnyvale is also home to several aerospace industries and defence companies. The largest employer in the city is Lockheed Martin Space Systems: an aircraft manufacturer that moved its headquarters to the area in 1956. Collectively these companies draw their fair share of business travellers, and, to meet that demand, the city offers a generous array of furnished apartments and corporate housing. 

There are many things to do in Sunnyvale including visiting California’s Great America: a family-friendly theme park with many rides, water attractions and a variety of food options. Other attractions include the picturesque Rancho San Antonio Open Space Preserve: a natural preserve based on the Santa Cruz Mountains offers miles of hiking and cycling trails. In the city centre, there are many restaurant and bars to be enjoyed, as well as serviced apartments close to amenities, eateries, and attractions. 

Sunnyvale has good transport links. Bus 22, the main bus line, is popular with visitors and accounts for various bus journeys. The nearest airport to Sunnyvale is San Jose International Airport. Route 82 runs through the centre of Sunnyvale from San Jose up to San Francisco. 

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