All you need to know about Simi Valley

Simi Valley is situated in the state of California, in the southeast corner of Ventura County. This city is just over 40 miles north-west of Downtown Los Angeles and a short distance north of Thousand Oaks. The city’s growing population totals more than 126,000, and is well served by corporate housing for business travel. Simi Valley is surrounded by the scenic Santa Susana Mountain Range and the Simi Hills. 

In the pre-colonial period, Simi Valley was inhabited by the Chumash (Native American) people for thousands of years. The Spanish were the first Europeans to visit Simi Valley in 1770 and for a long period of time, there was a Spanish speaking majority. In 1880 many Anglo-Americans arrived and settled in the area.

Simi Valley is considered to be one of the safest cities in the United States. Its economy employs some 64,000 people with the main industries being retail trade, manufacturing, healthcare and social assistance. Those engaged in such industries often arrive in the city on business travel assignments with a view to stay in furnished apartments or corporate housing. The median annual household income of Simi Valley is approximately $90,000.

Simi Valley is home to the iconic Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, situated on a scenic hilltop just outside of the city centre, there are many exhibits and tours here. The Reagan Library is also a popular place for book signings and lectures.  There are many picturesque areas surrounding Simi Valley perfect for walks, hikes and cycling including the Upper Las Virgenes Canyon Open Space Preserve and the Santa Susana Pass State Historic Park. Numerous corporate housing in the city allows for stays within close proximity to attractions, hikes, and the outdoors.

The Ronald Reagan Freeway, otherwise known as Route 118, runs through the centre of Simi Valley and is one of the only roads to enter the town. The nearest airport to Simi Valley is Los Angeles International Airport, which is just over 40 miles away. Simi Valley train station is a ten-minute drive from the centre of the city and connects with all the main cities in California.

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