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Fullerton is a city located 26 miles from Los Angeles with a population of 135,161 as of 2010. Its close proximity to Los Angeles makes it popular with commuters and businesses alike. Business travel to the area is popular, with Fullerton’s great locations and excellent transport links. Corporate housing in Fullerton allows corporate guests more flexibility, space, and privacy for their stay in Fullerton. Serviced apartments offer a great alternative accommodation option.  

Fullerton’s extensive history makes it a popular choice for historians and palaeontologists, with evidence suggesting that animals such as saber-toothed cats and mammoths inhabited the area. Settlers began to establish the area in the latter part of the 18th century.  With the boom in oil across America, the period of drilling of oil in the area began in 1880 with the discovery of the Brea-Olinda Oil. This resulted in Fullerton prospering and developing rapidly. The years between 1910 -1950 represented the golden age for Fullerton; significant projects began to change the city into what it has become in the present day. Numerous housing developments spanned the area to serve the ever-increasing population and migration to the city; many travelling to the city often work in the area on community projects and housing sites. The corporate housing in Fullerton accommodates those working on construction in the area and therefore is in constant demand from international and national companies.

Fullerton is home to the Californian State University, which primarily stimulates Fullerton’s economy and employs over 3,500 of the residents. St.Jude Medical Center, Raytheon, and the Fullerton School District also contribute significantly to the income of the area. SilverDoor serviced apartments offer close proximity to these primary employers in the city.

Fullerton is home to a lively music scene and was formerly the hub of the Orange Country hard-core punk music scene, producing acts, bands, and soloists in the area. Contributing to the musical background of the area, Leo Fender created the Fender Telecaster in Fullerton which would become the choice of instrument for many great musicians of the 20th and 21st Century including Keith Richards, Kurt Cobain, and Bruce Springsteen.

Fullerton was originally founded as a railroad town and provides great links to the surrounding towns and cities. A journey from Fullerton to Los Angeles takes around 30 minutes and public transport links run regular services around Orange County.  Located to the southwest of the city, Fullerton Municipal Airport, the only general aviation airport in the county can be found. Fullerton corporate housing situates guests to these major transport links in the city.

Fullerton corporate housing provides business travellers with a great location in Fullerton city, along with more space and privacy during their stay. Book your serviced apartment with SilverDoor Apartments today to secure your corporate housing in Fullerton. 

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