All you need to know about Cupertino

The home of the Apple headquarters, Cupertino offers a prime location in California’s Silicon Valley. Priding itself on a community feel, a progressive center and a reputation for innovative technology corporations, Cupertino is a popular business travel destination and hub of corporate housing.

As recent as the 19th century, Cupertino was a small farming village, relying on agricultural trade to the surrounding area and cities. Railways and roads quickly connected the city even better, allowing the population of Cupertino to grow as trade grew alongside it. During the post-World War period, the city’s development began to boom, with the construction of accommodation, business, and stores taking place.

The creation of VALLCO Park was a major turnaround in Cupertino’s development in the 1960s. Many shops and large department stores flocked to the area to set up their businesses. With the creation of Apple, the city rapidly changed and Silicon Valley began to be established. With this popularity, Cupertino saw housing developments, corporate housing construction, and a population boom. The city is now home to some of the top employers in the world. The city’s economy mainly relies on high-tech companies and management and design industries.  

For those on business travel to Cupertino, there is plenty to see and do besides work in the city. Many preserves and state parks surround the city, making for peaceful walks or long hikes as well as bike trails. Wineries in the area are also open to the public allowing for tasting sessions and education about the harvesting process. Corporate housing in Cupertino situates guests and business travelers close to the attractions as well as transport links to San Jose, where guests can find numerous shopping districts, attractions, and historical sites.

Transport runs regularly throughout the city as well as links to surrounding areas including Sunnyvale, San Mateo, and San Jose.  Cupertino boasts excellent cycle paths perfect for morning rides to work in the safety of dedicated paths. The nearest airport is San Jose International Airport which is located 16 kilometers away. Corporate housing in Cupertino is within close proximity to transport links.

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