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When staying in Scotland’s beautiful Wemyss Bay, serviced apartments offer the best possible accommodation to optimise your business stay. Whether corporate housing, aparthotels or apartments, we specialise in providing the optimum convenience for our clients, providing the best service, backed by 20 years’ of experience. No matter where in the world you need to travel on business, SilverDoor Apartments can accommodate you. Business. Accommodated. 

Why choose a SilverDoor Wemyss Bay apartment? 

As the most trusted serviced apartment agent in the world, selecting SilverDoor as your corporate accommodation specialist is the natural choice. Having spent 20 years acquiring the expert knowledge, staff and partners necessary to build up a globe spanning portfolio, our service is unparalleled in the industry. Whether you require long stay or short stay apartments in Wemyss Bay, or any other location across the world, we are here to guide you to the perfect choice of accommodation to suit your corporate needs. Just some of the benefits our service presents above others are: 

An unbiased, personalised service. As an agent, we don’t suffer from any form of bias in the recommendations we present to clients. Whereas other providers may wish to present their own properties first, our only consideration is complete client satisfaction. This also enables us to present a competitive offering, with strong working relationships with hundreds of providers, we can often negotiate the best rates which other providers wouldn’t be able to obtain. All of this is done with a personal touch – our experts are all in-house, and are assigned to personally oversee client accounts. Building a rapport with our clients is what we are famous for, as well as providing a first class service. Our Trustpilot score is 4.9/5, and our client retention rate is unmatched in the business. Whatever your request, query or question, our team are eager to help – and our globally distributed offices allow for a 24 hour contact period – meaning we are always here to respond. 
A growing portfolio. We cover the vast majority of cities and popular destinations worldwide, but that doesn’t mean our expansion has stopped. As our number of clients grow (including some of the largest coprporations in the world) so too does our portfolio, enabling us to source properties virtually anywhere in the world to accommodate our clients. Even if confronted with a new location request, our expert team can quickly contact our partners and find and assign new properties on an incredibly fast turnaround. We even send our account managers to new locations to build relationships with property providers from the ground up, and see first-hand the apartments on offer to ensure they are suitable for our clientele. 

Begin your booking in a Wemyss Bay serviced apartment today – call our team directly for instant, friendly service. Alternatively fill out an online contact form and we will get back to you extremely quickly. 

What is a serviced apartment? 

Our serviced apartments offer accommodation that is virtually tailor made for business travellers. Offering the quality services one would expect from a premium hotel, and the privacy and space one associates with private rental properties, serviced apartments truly do offer the best of both worlds. All of our apartments are selected for their convenience and comfort. Housekeeping is included as standard, allowing you to concentrate on the more important aspects of your trip. The major benefits of serviced apartments are:

Incredible cost savings. Compared with hotel suites offering equivalent services, serviced apartments offer better rates for your stay. This is true of any length of stay, but is even more beneficial for longer stays. This is due to the tax reductions serviced apartments receive beyond a certain booking threshold. Therefore, colleagues who require long-stay accommodation whilst awaiting permanent accommodation will benefit from this cost saving arrangement. 
Superb services. As mentioned, our apartments include housekeeping as standard, but many offer additional, on-site services. These can include access to gymnasiums, swimming pools, and conference rooms. Many apartment complexes also house restaurants and bars for added convenience, as well as parking and a concierge service. 
Space and privacy. Perhaps the greatest benefit of a serviced apartment is the living arrangement it provides. With spacious, designated areas in which to sleep, cook, rest, relax and work, an apartment is more like a home-from-home than a hotel, which allows you greater privacy and also a more flexible experience centred on your schedule. 

What do I need to know about staying in Wemyss Bay? 

Located on the coast in the West central Lowlands of Scotland, Wemyss Bay is a picturesque village and port. 


Wemyss Bay has cool summers, peaking at around 72F, and long, very cold and wet winters, dropping to 25F. With cloud and rain a common feature year round, waterproofs are essential when visiting on business. 


Wemyss Bay is the port for ferries travelling to the Isle of Bute. The Bay therefore acts as a connection point, with trains departing the beautiful Wemyss Bay train station for Glasgow and other major Scottish destinations, making reaching the village relatively straight forward. 

What else is Wemyss Bay known for? 


Originally created as a marine village by Robert Wallace of Kelly, Wemyss Bay has since become a beloved village and port. London merchant James Alexander further developed the area by constructing the first steamboat pier, which was swept away by a hurricane in 1856. A replacement pier suffered a similar fate and was replaced by the current railway terminus and pier.

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