All you need to know about Staines

Staines-upon-Thames, or as most know it, Staines, is a riverside town in the county of Surrey and on the outskirts of London. Providing picturesque views over the Thames, as well as being home to some of the UK’s biggest companies, Staines and its proximity to London and the M25, makes it one of the most desirable places to stay when it comes to commuters and businesses.

Why choose a SilverDoor Staines apartment?

With serviced apartments all over London and its direct suburbs, our Staines apartments are no different from the rest. When we pick up an enquiry for a location, we ensure that we deal with it in the most diligent and caring way. Our team will personally speak to you regarding the enquiry and with their knowledge of London and its surrounding areas, we will be sure to find the right property for you. 
Having been in the serviced apartment industry for 20 years, we have constantly been the leading figure throughout. This is part due to our professional team, but also the verified properties and trusted service we have in place. We make sure that all of our serviced apartments in Staines adhere to strict policies and terms and conditions, which means that we can ensure you have the smoothest and most enjoyable stay as possible.
Our serviced apartments near Staines provide brilliant corporate accommodation for those travelling on business to the local area of even in London. A home away from home, our Staines apartments provide the best living facilities, which you often wouldn’t expect from a hotel in the area. With a kitchen, living area and variety of bedrooms on offer, our serviced apartments in Staines offer the perfect accommodation for a business trip to the area.

What is a serviced apartment?

Whilst on a business trip, it is imperative that you have a comfortable and relaxing base. This is exactly where our serviced apartments near Staines excel. Our Staines apartments produce an incredibly homely feel throughout the apartments due to the inclusion of a kitchen, living area and mixture of bedrooms. 

Our fully equipped kitchens are perfect for whipping up a dish after a busy day of work. Whether it’s putting something in the microwave or using the oven/hob or other provisions provided, all of our serviced apartments in Staines have the right amenities necessary to achieve this. The inclusion of a fridge also means that you can keep any leftover food for the future, something a hotel in the area might not feature.

Our serviced apartments near Staines also provide large and spacious living areas, which can be enjoyed with a meal from the fully equipped kitchen. Whatever size apartment you need, the living area will also be home to a TV and coffee table, meaning that you can put your feet up after a long day’s work. It also means that you can catch up with everything that’s happening in the world over breakfast, before attending business in Staines.

What do I need to know about staying in Staines?


Staines has a brilliant transport system into London, which is why many commuters are situated in the area. 19 miles away from Waterloo, the journey is incredibly quick and provides instant access into central London when you arrive. With a well-developed bus service to complement this, Staines provides public transport to all surrounding areas with immense ease. Taxis aren’t as readily available as they would be in London, however there are a group of reliable and trusted companies in the area which are available to call whenever.


Typical to English and London weather, the winter months in Staines are cold and wet, with the summer months being more warm and sunny, reaching highs of around 24 degrees in July and August. Daylight hours are much longer in the summer months and much shorter in the winter months, which is why tourism peaks during the months of June, July and August.


As with any English town, there are a plethora of different restaurants and cuisines in the area, ranging from Indians to your classic English fish and chip shop. Being next to the River Thames, there are some wonderful riverside restaurants and cafes that offer a range of different dishes and plates.


The main language spoken in Staines is of course English, however it is a very multicultural and ethnically diverse area of the UK, meaning that a number of languages are spoken.

What else is Staines known for?

Proximity to the River Thames

One of the perks of staying in one of our serviced apartments near Staines is that it provides brilliant access to riverside views. These can either be enjoyed from the comfort of a restaurant, café or just a gentle wander down by the river. You will often see rowing clubs here on the river, and also a fantastic array of wildlife, perfect for an afternoon walk after a busy day of business.

Access to some of the county’s biggest HQs

With companies such as British Gas, Siemens and Samsung having some of their UK headquarters in the immediate area, our serviced apartments in Staines are commonly used for business trip to these offices. Exceptional accommodation, partnered with the locality to these offices is one of the reasons we are the most trusted corporate provider of serviced apartments in the world.


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