All you need to know about Earls Court, London

All you need to know about Earls Court

Nestled in a vibrant part of West London, Earls Court exudes a captivating urban charm. This lively district, renowned for its iconic former exhibition centre, offers a dynamic fusion of history and modernity. From its bustling streets to its cultural treasures, Earls Court beckons with an array of attractions, such as Holland Park and the Brompton Cemetery. As you explore its energetic atmosphere, you'll uncover a tapestry of experiences that seamlessly blends old-world allure with contemporary allure, making Earls Court an enchanting destination in the bustling metropolis of London.

Transport in Earls Court

Choosing Earls Court as your base grants you seamless access to a host of London's most notorious attractions. Just steps away from Earls Court Tube Station, you're whisked to cultural gems like the British Museum and Victoria and Albert Museum. The Piccadilly line swiftly takes you to Covent Garden's vibrant hub, while the Earls Court Bus Station propels you to Kensington Palace, Notting Hill, and Hyde Park. And let's not forget the grandeur of Buckingham Palace and the captivating West End theatres. Earls Court is your gateway to London's most captivating experiences, ensuring your journey is nothing short of remarkable.

Shopping in Earls Court

Shopping in Earls Court offers a delightful blend of options, catering to a wide range of tastes. For fashion enthusiasts, a visit to the renowned department store Marks & Spencer promises a treasure trove of stylish apparel and accessories. If you're in search of unique finds, a stroll to the charming boutiques in the Brompton Cross area is a must. Here, you can explore designer offerings and uncover hidden gems. For food aficionados, the Earls Court Farmers' Market is a haven of fresh produce, artisanal delights, and gourmet treats, allowing you to savour the local flavours. 

Nightlife in Earls Court

When the sun sets, the vibrant Earls Court nightlife comes to life, offering a diverse range of entertainment options for all tastes. The district boasts a collection of inviting pubs and trendy bars, such as the iconic Troubadour and the lively The Kings Head Pub, where you can unwind with a drink and enjoy live music. For those seeking a more energetic atmosphere, the legendary Evans & Peel Detective Agency adds an element of mystery with its speakeasy concept. Additionally, the bustling Finborough Theatre hosts an array of captivating performances, ensuring that the evening is filled with cultural delights.

Earls Court exhibition centre in London

Area Facts – Earls Court

Located in the London Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, Earls Court is a district situated in central London. The district is home to the Earls Court Exhibition Centre, which hosts many conferences and events throughout the year. Earls Court is ideally connected to the rest of the city with the Piccadilly and District underground lines providing frequent services. Serviced apartments throughout the district offer corporate travellers the perfect accommodation option for long-term stays in the city. 

No matter where you need to be for your next business trip to London, whether that's Earls Court, Covent Garden or Canary Wharf, our expert team will provide you with the best possible accommodation option. An Earls Court serviced apartment offers a more economical and enjoyable solution to an extended hotel stay by providing more space, greater flexibility and a range of facilities. Enquire today and discover how simple business travel can be. 

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