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Why choose a SilverDoor Liverpool apartment?

As leaders in the corporate serviced apartment industry, SilverDoor Apartments has accrued years of experience dealing with the best property partners in the world. We have the knowledge, contacts and professional dedication needed to provide unbeatable service every time. It is no wonder that we have hundreds of returning clients – with whom we have forged strong and lasting business relationships. Booking with us provides a host of benefits, such as:

·         Location specialism. Unlike hotel providers, we are able to source Liverpool apartments throughout the city – from the centre to the outskirts and beyond. With aparthotels in Liverpool available at key destinations – as well as more removed and quieter locales – booking a Liverpool serviced apartment with us provides greater choice.

·         Diligent service. Our team are motivated by customer satisfaction, meaning they will go the extra mile to ensure you and your business team are completely happy with your booking. With dedicated members of staff with extensive knowledge of corporate travel, your queries and requests will be dealt with swiftly and courteously.

·         Inside knowledge. Not only are we well versed specialists in serviced apartments in Liverpool, we also have first-hand knowledge about many of our apartments and their surroundings. We encourage members of our team to stay in the apartments we provide, so that we can better guide you through the booking process and the rest of your stay.

Book your business stay with us – simply call one of our helpful team members for a friendly and easy discussion to find your perfect Liverpool furnished apartment, or browse our apartments online now and see the excellent apartments open to you.

Aerial view of Liverpool's with downtown and famous Pier Head

What do I need to know about staying in Liverpool?

Liverpool is thought to have the 9th largest city population in the UK – and the city continues to grow thanks to recent bouts of intense restoration and regeneration. The city centre was completely overhauled following the city’s success in winning the Capital of Culture prize and the considerable investment opportunities it brought with it.


Renowned for its famous Mersey ferry, Liverpool is an impressively well-connected city. Two Mersey tunnels offer fast and easy access to the Wirral and Cheshire, whereas a comprehensive Mersey Rail service connects the city centre with all the major local destinations. Merseytravel also offers a Saveaway ticket, which allows travel on buses, ferries and trains, meaning you will never miss that important business appointment when leaving your Liverpool serviced apartment. 


Situated in the North West of England with a coastal location exposed to the Irish Sea, it is unsurprising that Liverpool experiences a relatively high level of rainfall – especially in October. Liverpool’s hottest month tends to be July, but the average temperature is just 16 degrees Celsius, so taking a jacket or coat is always advised.


Liverpool’s economy and industry was largely based on relatively low levels of trade with Ireland and other coastal England towns until trade with Africa (including the slave trade) resulted in the town developing into a significant port city throughout the 18th and 19th century. When the world’s first passenger train railway was opened (the Liverpool and Manchester Railway), the city’s industry continued to grow, as did the number of Irish migrants to the city – whose influence and presence continues to be felt today. Liverpool was an important location in WWII, particularly in regards to the planning of the Battle of the Atlantic, and suffered the second worst blitz in the UK.

What else is Liverpool known for?

Following its Capital of Culture Investment, Liverpool’s ‘Liverpool One’ was created – a vast, spacious shopping district close to the docks which draws many thousands of visitors to the city every month. Sightseeing buses are popular in the city, with tourists flocking to take in such spectacles as the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral, Albert Dock, Philharmonic pub and countless Beatles-famous locations, buildings and museums.  

A booming economy

Banking and finance is a fast growing sector in Liverpool, with many large national and international financial companies expanding into the city with call centres, offices and headquarters. Liverpool is also a centre for public administration facilities, with the Passport Office, CRB and HMRC all having a considerable presence in the city. As the city grows, so too does it technology industry, and many medium sized digital and marketing companies have been established in the city. This economic prowess of course attracts an influx of business travellers to the city, and in turn the number of serviced apartments in Liverpool continues to grow. 

What is a serviced apartment?

Simply put, a serviced apartment offers a unique blend of hotel-like services and spacious, private living accommodation. Our aparthotels in Liverpool are designed to cater to the business traveller’s needs – offering ample space, functional rooms, premium standard furnishings and absolute privacy.

A serviced apartment in Liverpool is more cost effective than a hotel room, based on a like for like comparison. In addition to all the features and amenities a serviced apartment offers, longer stays also result in a reduction in nightly cost (beyond a certain threshold), meaning our apartments are perfect for colleagues being relocated.

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of a serviced apartment, privacy is a key component of the properties we source for our clients. With a completely enclosed and separate space – featuring multiple rooms and fully-fitted self-catering facilities – privacy is easily achieved in any one of our serviced apartments in Liverpool. Many of our apartments also offer the option of choosing your room services times, meaning you can ensure your time in your apartment is undisturbed. You can make the most of this private environment – as the option to work, cook, relax or entertain in your own space is always available to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When do I book a serviced apartment in Liverpool?

    Here at SilverDoor we recommend that you try and book your serviced apartment in Liverpool as soon as possible. Liverpool is a popular place to visit meaning accommodation is sometimes hard find as the cities waterfront, historic architecture, and diverse cultural scene make it a compelling destination for tourists seeking to experience a blend of history, art, and entertainment. Securing the perfect serviced apartment for you is our top priority meaning that we value it above anything else. Of course not everyone is able to do this as sometimes, for example a short notice business trip, last minute bookings need to be made. If that is the case don't stress because we shall always try our best to accommodate everyone at anytime. 

  • What can I expect from a serviced apartment in Liverpool?

    A serviced apartment in Liverpool guarantees a comfortable and convenient stay. It is a great option for business travellers planning to head to the city as you can expect a fully furnished living space with a kitchen, separate bedrooms, and a living area, providing the ultimate flexibility. The majority of serviced apartments in Liverpool also include facilities and amenities that make for a more personalised experience. These accommodations typically offer a fully equipped kitchen, allowing you to cook your meals and save on dining expenses. Wi-Fi, washers/dryers, TV, and on-site bars are some of the facilities and amenities on offer with a bunch of our properties in Liverpool. Serviced apartments grant you the flexibility and privacy to live like a local, making them an ideal choice for extended stays or travellers seeking a more independent and comfortable lodging option in the busy city of Liverpool. Stay city Liverpool Duke Street is one of our more premier properties in the city only 8 miles from Liverpool John Lennon Airport. This apartment is dotted right in the centre and is perfect for anyone looking to have a luxurious stay within a great location. On top of this, the Castle Collection | Cook street Apartments offer deluxe one and two bedroom units. You can expect a stress-free stay here as this apartment has multiple facilities like a kettle and smart TV, is sleek and has a unique layout which attracts you to the property itself.

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