All you need to know about Harrogate

Although now famous for its spas, Harrogate was widely promoted in the 16th century for its contemporary medical treatments, glorified for their efficacy in healing all injuries. From curing the common cough, to combating infertility and cancer symptoms, the town’s concentration of springs allowed for a wide range of sought-after water-based medicinal remedies. Following the city’s recent £1m grant funding, Harrogate has invested to grow as a business hotspot, whilst keeping ties to its medical legacy. Visitors can hence take advantage of the numerous serviced apartments in Harrogate, most of which are within walking distance of the city’s glorious spas, gardens, and antique stores that will delight vintage collectors. Whether it be for a short stay, or for a longer period, the large variety of available apartments in Harrogate will suit your every need.  


Tips for staying in Harrogate   

Transport in Harrogate   

Sitting at the intersection of the A61 and the A59, Harrogate has easy and short road access to Leeds, Bradford, and York. To commute around the city, the Harrogate Bus Company offers both short local travels, and connections to Leeds, Ripon, Knaresborough and more.   


Shopping in Harrogate   

With the cosy and central Victoria Shopping Centre that smoothly blends into the city's historic architecture, visitors can enjoy a browse around the local businesses located inside the facility. However, the highlight of Harrogate's shopping experience remains the vast variety of Antique stores scattered across the city in a seamless manner.    


Things to do in Harrogate  

For art lovers, Harrogate’s Mercer Gallery offers a display of artworks to be enjoyed. Often home to the works of John Atkinson Grimshaw, the gallery is a must for all visitors. If you are looking for a relaxing and entertaining night, why not head to the Royal Hall Theatre. With regular plays to immerse yourself in, a good night is assured!  

However, beware, as a trip to Harrogate would not be complete without a walking food and beer tour! Yorkshire Appetite Food Tours offers a stroll around the city's most historic sites, with pit stops at local restaurants and cafes to enjoy the traditional culinary delicacies available. To help with the post degustation digestion, you can opt for a nice beer tour scheduled for the evening. With visits to the microbrewery, micropub, and local craft beer bars, Harrogate Beer Tours will accompany you along the discovery of Harrogate’s best beers and serve as a great way to end the day before enjoying a good night's sleep in one of many Harrogate serviced apartments.   


Facts About Harrogate  

When a city holds such a cluster of cultural and historical experiences, it is bound to have fun hidden facts.  Harrogate wasn’t a registered location until 1339 when it became Royal Property. Its Springs further set the area apart, attracting visitors who require medical attention, but also thieves who attempted to siphon the springs’ water into their own wells to later resell for a profit. Lastly, you’ll be impressed to know that Harrogate hosted the popular international contest Eurovision in 1982 at its convention centre. Although England was not proclaimed victor, they did finish seventh. 


What is a service apartment?

Harrogate serviced apartment offers the comfort, tranquillity, and privacy of a hotel with more flexibility, space, and self-sufficiency for independent travellers. The presence of a kitchen, working, and lounge area allows you to truly settle into the space and separate work from leisure during your trip.   

During busy, and sometimes hectic, business trip agendas, a serviced apartment offers the flexibility that hotels lack. Visitors can cook at the time they find more convenient in their own kitchen, bringing the aspect of home with them wherever they go.   

The versatility of serviced apartments in Harrogate makes it so everyone can find their fit. From small loft-like apartments to luxury 2 bedrooms, a comfortable stay is guaranteed.   


Why choose a serviced apartment in York with SilverDoor?  

Whether you are looking at serviced apartments in Harrogate for a few days' trip, or a long-term fixture, SilverDoor’s portfolio offers a wide range of serviced apartments to suit your needs and wants. The extra benefits such as flexible housekeeping service, airport transfer, and facilitated booking process will enable for a more pleasant trip; one that is less stressful and more comfortable.

Photograph of Harrogate's city centre

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