All you need to know about Greenock

All you need to know about staying in Greenock

Greenock is a pleasant port town in Scotland located south of the firth of Clyde. Business travellers seeking a more relaxing corporate experience away from the bustle of Glasgow and Edinburgh will find Greenock ideal. The town is mostly confined to the Waterfront, it has lots of history stemming back to the 17th Century with Victorian architecture. A variety of view spots of the Clyde and great hiking trials, this once fishing town is now an upcoming tourist destination. Explore the SilverDoor website to find serviced apartments available in this fascinating Scottish town.


Things to do in Greenock

Greenock offers a variety of outdoor activities for business travellers looking explore the town after their corporate engagements. Take a walk to Lyle Hill, a beacon celebrating the Silver Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth, or explore the town’s visitor centre, featuring a interactive exhibition and coffee shop. For those interested in the town’s maritime history, the McLean Museum is a must visit as it provides a great insight into, the town’s nautical past. The Custom House Quay and the Beacon Arts Centre are two places offering nice lunchtime food. West Blackhall Street is known for its long line of shops featuring both commercial chains and independent shop offering authentic Scottish crafts.


Transport in Greenock

The Greenock Central railway station located in the centre of Greenock serves as a vital connection link to other surrounding towns on the west coast as well as Glasgow and Gourock. Greenock bus station situated at 28 Kilblain Street offers 17 separate bus services that each have stop in different neighbouring towns. Taxis, cycling, and walking are also very popular ways of getting around Greenock not only because of its smaller size but stunning views. The M8 and A78 are two major roads connecting Greenock to the rest of Scotland so if you are unable to travel there by train, driving is a suitable alternative.

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