All you need to know about Farnham

Farnham is a historic town in Surrey, part of the borough of Waverley. It’s located 35 miles from London, 11 miles from Guildford, and 28 miles from Winchester. It’s the second biggest town in Waverley, and one of the largest urban areas in Surrey.

Farnham has a long history stretching back thousands of years. There is evidence of settlement in Farnham as early as the Mesolithic Period, with the emergence of pit dwellings – which were common at the time. By the Roman Period, Farnham was a pottery centre known for its supply of oak woodlands and gault clay. In Anglo Saxon times, the town took on the name Fearnhamme, which was later changed to the spelling we have today.

These days, Farnham is as pretty as it is lively, with busy shopping streets, wonderful green spaces and glorious architecture. Popular attractions include Farnham Park, Alice Holt Forest, Waverley Abbey, Birdworld, and, of course, Farnham Castle. Other sites worth visiting are the Museum of Farnham and Newgate Gallery. The town is home to a number of retailers, both large and independent, and boasts a number various garden centres.

Farnham is a hub for music and creativity, home to the Farnham School of Art, and the cultural centre, Farnham Maltings, which offers numerous concerts and comedy nights throughout the year. The town also hosts an annual carnival – in the traditional style – with marching bands, carnival floats and classic vehicles.

Farnham’s topography is a mixture of rivers, streams, valleys and ridges. Geology greatly informs it’s identity, especially from an economic standpoint. Its main industries are agricultural and minerals extraction.

Farnham boasts a variety of transport links. Its main train station offers services to Waterloo and Alton, and the town is covered by a number of buses.

There are various ways to reach Farnham by car. The A31 Bypass connects Farnham to Winchester and Guildford, while the A325 links the town to Farnborough. The closest airport to Farnham is London Heathrow Airport, at approximately 21 miles away.


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