All you need to know about Exeter

Exeter is a University City, situated in Devon, England. The area is believed to have a current population of around 120,000, and is considered one of the biggest ‘clone towns’ in the UK. This statistic pays tribute to the sheer amount of chain stores on Exeter’s high street, as opposed to independent establishments. Exeter is widely recognized for its magnificent beaches, with a whole host of sandy shores available in relatively close proximity to the city centre, as well as other shoreline options in wider nearby areas. The countryside in Exeter is also a sight to behold, with vast expanses of open fields stretching across large portions of the area. Serviced corporate apartments in Exeter are primarily occupied by business travellers engaging in business regarding the extensive shopping links in the city, or alternatively the Met office weather forecasting system. The weather predictor is deemed to be the best of its kind in the UK and furthermore one of the most significant in the world, naturally requiring plenty of brainpower from workers from all over the country to operate.

Why choose a SilverDoor Exeter apartment?

Whether you are planning a short or long business stay in Exeter, serviced accommodation is directly suited to the requirements of corporate travellers. Widely recognised for our quality of service, industry intelligence and strongly forged relationships with our trusted property partners, SilverDoor Apartments is the standalone choice when choosing your temporary Exeter serviced apartment.

There are a whole host of benefits with regards to booking a serviced apartment through SilverDoor. First of all, we have the largest portfolio in the entire industry, holding over 200,000 apartments on our website with new properties uploaded daily. Over our 20 years of business, we have managed to cover over 50% of the world with our available business destinations, working tirelessly to ensure that nowhere is out of reach.

We strive to drive up industry standards by staying at the top of our game on a constant basis. Our valued partnerships with industry leaders and commitment to staying ahead of the curve guarantees that we are able to provide our clients with an industry-best service. Our 4.9/5 Trustpilot score is a reflection of our quality and consistency in service.

Our offices around the world ensure that we are not only available to respond to enquiries 24 hours a day, but are also able to speak your language. Our team is able to communicate in a variety of languages, ensuring that your query is able to receive the attention and care that it warrants.

Remove the stress of sourcing your own Exeter serviced apartment and let us do the work for you. Simply take a look at our extensive portfolio to get a sense of what is on offer in your chosen corporate destination, and then give our helpful team a call today when you feel ready to book.

What is a serviced apartment?

Serviced apartments are an accommodation option that combines hotel services and private rental stays, and are quickly becoming the number one option for business travellers. Choosing an Exeter serviced apartment ensures a level of comfort and homeliness that is often not often possible to achieve with hotels in the area, providing the ideal base from which to live and work in the city. Not only are service corporate apartments in Exeter more affordable in comparison to hotel rooms, they are also able to offer a host of added benefits:

First of all, serviced apartments offer a tremendous amount of flexibility. Our aforementioned solid industry links with property partners ensure that we are able to accommodate almost any client request. Coupled with the nature of the serviced apartment industry, we are able to offer negotiated rates, personalised cancellation policies, and scheduled housekeeping to work around your plans schedule amongst a range of other important areas of your Exeter serviced apartment stay.

Personal space and privacy is another huge plus point for serviced apartments. In a serviced apartment, you can enjoy the entire space to yourself, with many locations offering separate living, dining, kitchen and bedroom spaces as well as even outdoor space such as a balcony or terrace. It truly does represent a home away from home, with the whole stylishly decorated and regularly cleaned interior to yourself.

What do I need to know about staying in Exeter?

Extensive transport links ensure that Exeter serviced apartment trips can be organised with relative ease. Considered the dominant railway hub in the South West area of the country, Exeter has links all over the country, and that’s without mentioning air travel to Exeter airport as well as a comprehensive bus system for shorter trips.

Sports teams in the area include Exeter Chiefs, a successful rugby side that reside in England’s top flight, the premiership. Exeter City is the cities football team, a side that have never made it past the third tier of English play.

The name of Exeter has a lot to lend to the river upon which the vibrant city is situated upon. The river Exe, coupled with the suffix ‘ceaster’ (used to describe heavily fortified areas in historic times) create the title, now a location famous nation-wide.

Exeter Cathedral Close and Cathedral Yard

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