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If you are lucky enough to be travelling to the picturesque seaside town of Eastbourne on business, there is no better way to make the most of your stay than with a SilverDoor serviced apartment. Providing the convenience and comfort necessary for a productive corporate trip, our serviced apartments in Eastbourne have all you need to ensure you meet your objectives whilst enjoying all the area has to offer. 


SilverDoor Apartments are industry leaders in sourcing the very best corporate serviced apartments across the globe. Our in-depth understanding of business travel means we are expertly equipped to not only find the perfect accommodation for you and your colleagues, but also make recommendations and tailored suggestions to ensure your apartment and its surroundings are optimised for your stay. 

Our team have received countless outstanding reviews from hundreds of satisfied clients because we believe in ensuring our service is the best available in the market. Unlike other providers, we build strong relationships with our clients and offer a personal and professional approach to our bookings. With a staff driven by customer satisfaction, there is no query or request that we will not work our hardest to fulfil.  

Furthermore, we have accrued years of experience and knowledge in booking serviced apartments for corporate clients, which means we have a growing portfolio of apartments with some of the leading property partners in the world as well as extensive knowledge of the locations we cover. In fact, we encourage our team members to stay in the apartments we feature, meaning we are able to provide detailed recommendations based on first-hand experience. 

If you are ready to book a serviced apartment in Eastbourne for your business trip, call us directly to receive personalised advice and a friendly discussion with a member of our team. Alternatively, browse our available selection on our site and see the high standard of accommodation we offer. 


A serviced apartment, sometimes known as a serviced aparthotel, is a perfect balance of hotel luxury services and spacious, private rented accommodation. Our corporate aparthotels in Eastbourne are designed with you in mind. Offering flexibility and privacy, these properties are ideal for those needing to work temporarily (long or short term) in a new location. 

An obvious benefit of using serviced apartments for business travel is the comparative savings in cost. Like for like, serviced accommodation are far better value when compared with hotel equivalents – the space and features provided cost a fraction of what they would in a hotel setting. Furthermore, beyond a certain duration threshold serviced apartments reduce their nightly rate, making them perfect as intermediary homes for relocating colleagues awaiting permanent residences. 

Above all else, serviced apartments in Eastbourne are private and peaceful. With a spacious area with rooms dedicated to sleeping, cooking, relaxing and entertaining, serviced apartments are self-contained living quarters giving you more flexibility and choice for how and where you spend your time. You can work in comfort from your accommodation, as well as take advantage of the many included services, which often includes a gymnasium, swimming pool, house-keeping and more. 


Known primarily as a seaside resort, Eastbourne’s economy is bolstered by tourism as the majority of its income comes in the summer through seaside attractions and holidaymakers making the most of the beach and pier. The town has a typically Victorian style of architecture as prominent landowner William Cavendish (later Duke of Devonshire) sent architect Henry Currey to Europe for inspiration before the town’s streets were developed. The result is a distinctive and attractive seaside town with traditional features. 


Eastbourne, being modest in size, can be easily traversed on foot for those wanting to indulge in a leisurely paced exploration of the town. It does, of course, offer a variety of transportation options, including an extensive number of local bus services and express coach services. The local train station also provides a direct route to London – with travel times typically taking around one and a half hours. 


Being on the South coast of England, Eastbourne benefits from a warm climate year round – however the town does have significant annual rainfall, meaning it is always worth being prepared for a shower, even in the driest month of July. However, it is the sunniest place in the UK on average, so be prepared for both extremes. 


For a relatively small town, Eastbourne has some remarkable history. During WWII, Eastbourne was the most bombed seaside town in England – this was due to its position as the last town bombers flew over on their return to Germany. It is through almost four thousand bombs fell on the town in total.  

In 1804, Wish Tower was built in the town. This fort was one of many constructed on England’s coast to defend against Napolean’s forces. The tower still exists today, and is occasionally opened to the public – but in any case is an interesting attraction with a beautiful garden to visit during your stay in the town. 

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